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Kinahan cartel at war with ‘Dirty Dozen’ in Mountjoy

Kinahan cartel at war with ‘Dirty Dozen’ in Mountjoy

A COUP attempt to overthrow the Kinahan Cartel’s control of Mountjoy Prison was ruthlessly quelled by the mob this week.

Twelve prison inmates on the prison’s B3 landing – dubbed the ‘Dirty Dozen’ – have now been placed in protection or moved to different prisons in the capital after attempting a heave against cartel associates, including Davin Flynn.

Flynn – who received a personal visit from mob boss Daniel Kinahan in Mountjoy in 2014 – is regarded in the prison as a key ally of the cartel.

Originally from York Street in Dublin’s inner city, Flynn is serving a six-year sentence for an arson attack that caused €1million worth of damage to the Nirvana head shop on Capel Street in 2012. He has 65 previous convictions, including for robbery, criminal damage, burglary and thefts.

The Sunday World can reveal how Flynn and associates loyal to the Kinahans who are based on B1 learned the Dirty Dozen were plotting a coup last weekend.

Sources say the plot was for Flynn and other cartel associates to be assaulted, hospitalised and subsequently moved to another prison ‘for their own protection’, clearing the path for the Dirty Dozen to regain control of the landing.

However, the crew loyal to the Kinahans got word of what was coming and moved first.

On Sunday, B3 inmate Mark Allen (pictured right), who the Kinahan crew suspected of involvement in the coup, was violently assaulted in his prison cell.

Allen is serving a nine-year-sentence for falsely imprisoning father-of-one Ciaran Noonan in 2011, whose naked body was discovered in a field two weeks after his abduction.

Noonan (29), had owed Allen money for drugs and had been put under pressure in the months leading up to the attack.

The court heard a number of children had been playing in the Russell Avenue area of East Wall when a gang of men jumped out of Allen’s Volkswagen Golf and attacked Noonan. The young witnesses described how Mr Noonan was beaten with a crow bar, kicked in the face and dragged into the car.

Allen, of Wellview Avenue, Mulhuddart, pleaded guilty at Dublin Circuit Criminal Court to falsely imprisoning Mr Noonan in Dublin on October 20, 2011.

He has 10 previous convictions, including drugs and firearms offences.

Allen was moved to protection before being shipped out to Wheatfield on Tuesday as a direct result of the threat now posed to his well-being.

Two other members of the Dirty Dozen were also moved to Wheatfield as a result of the threat from the Kinahan crew.

During the coup attempt, the pair launched a savage assault on gangland getaway driver Paul Norton.

Norton, who has 71 previous convictions for road traffic offences and two for robbery and attempted robbery, is serving a seven-year sentence for acting as a getaway driver in a botched cash van robbery at the Northside shopping centre in Dublin in June 2012.

Nine others were placed on protection in the prison’s C-Base.

Sources said the crew who plotted the move against Flynn were acting of their own volition and are not thought to be involved in the Hutch-Kinahan feud.

Mountjoy Prison would have been considered ‘home ground’ for members of the Hutch family who were serving sentences in Dublin. However, such is the level of control and fear exerted by Kinahan associates in the prison that all members of the Hutch family serving sentences have now been moved.

Earlier this summer, Eddie Hutch’s son Alan was removed from the Medical Unit of Mountjoy Prison and sent to Wheatfield Prison, where he joined his killer cousin Derek ‘Del Boy’ Hutch behind bars.

Del Boy was moved to Wheatfield after a second ‘shiv’ attempt on his life.

A source told the Sunday World: “Three wings in the prison – A, B and C – are now effectively in the control of inmates heavily aligned with the Kinahan faction.

“These wings are now no-go areas for the Hutch family. Alan Hutch couldn’t step outside a secure cell on the medical unit over fears he’d be got.”

Alan Hutch was forcibly placed under maximum protection in Mountjoy in February after gardai uncovered evidence of a plot by the Kinahan cartel to have him killed.

Alan was jailed for eight years in June 2013 for threatening to kill three gardai and claiming he had a grenade.