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Kinahan boys quizzed about €17k cash at airport

Daniel and Christy Kinahan Jnr
Daniel and Christy Kinahan Jnr

THE Kinahan mob attempted to flee Ireland just hours after a slain gangster’s funeral – but missed their flight after security officials quizzed them about €17,000 cash in their luggage.

The Sunday World can reveal how Daniel and Christy Kinahan’s hopes of jetting out of Dublin after the lavish funeral of murdered David Byrne failed after an alarm was raised about a huge cash pile they were carrying.

Security officials at Dublin Airport became suspicious after a hi-tech scanner picked-up a large sum of cash,estimated to be €17,500, in their carry-on luggage. 

The sons of the feared cartel boss Christy Kinahan were left fuming after officials searched their luggage and questioned them about the cash, delaying them from boarding their flight to Portugal on Tuesday morning. 

The Sunday World understands that because the Kinahans were each carrying less than €10,000, they were not required to declare the money to customs. 

However, they were delayed by the cash quiz and missed their flight to Faro. 

“A lot of people recognised their faces and people were looking at them when they were searched,” a source said. 

“Officials became wary when they reached security. The cash was in their carry-on bag and that’s why it was searched before they could go to the plane. They obviously knew how much money they could carry without having to tell customs.” 

Daniel and Christy Jnr flew into Dublin ahead of the funeral of their trusted associate David Byrne, who was murdered in the ruthless Regency Hotel shooting. 

The pair were met by Byrne’s cousin, ‘Fat’ Freddie Thompson, as they rushed through the busy terminal. Thompson attempted to intimidate waiting reporters by taking pictures on his phone, while a number of hooded lookouts were on the phone to each other awaiting the arrival of the Kinahan kingpins. 

Cops told dopey Thompson to put the phone away just days after the country’s politicians and media condemned threats made to INM journalists. 

Four vehicles, including a luxurious Range Rover, were waiting outside in the airport’s car park to swiftly chauffeur the Kinahan brothers. 

Daniel, who is believed to have been the main target of the terrifying shooting at the Regency Hotel, is now operating his father’s crime kingdom. 

He was visibly annoyed when questioned about the raging gangland feud. 

Leave us alone. Please just go away,” he told reporters before hopping into his waiting car.