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Killer Nash joins Graham Dwyer on same jail landing

Furious: Mark Nash has moved
Furious: Mark Nash has moved

TWO of Ireland’s most notorious killers are now sharing the same prison landing after Mark Nash’s transfer to the Midlands Prison.

The infamous serial killer is serving his time alongside Graham Dwyer, who is doing life for the sex murder of Elaine O’Hara.

Nash has spent the last two decades in the cushier Arbour Hill in Dublin, but has been sent to Laois following his recent convictions for the double Grangegorman murders.

Officials felt there was little prospect for rehabilitation for Nash in the Dublin jail, according to sources.

“He has spent his time denying he had anything to do with those murders. Now he has been convicted, it is felt there isn’t anything that can be done for him,” said a source.

Nash is said to be furious over the decision. He was moved to the E3 landing this week from another part of the Midlands Prison after he reportedly slashed his throat with a home-made knife.

He was treated for serious wounds before being placed in a close observation cell under 24-hour watch.

Sources said Nash was upset after a run-in with notoriously violent prisoner Warren Dumbrell.

The Sunday World recently revealed how E3 landing houses over two dozen prisoners who are deemed too untrustworthy to be allowed mix in the general population.

Earlier this week it emerged that Dwyer was placed on protection and separated from other inmates amid fears that a plot was being hatched to kill him.

He has since been allowed back on the landing where he can mix with other inmates and has high hopes he’ll get his conviction overturned on appeal.

Nash, on the other hand, is facing the prospect of never being released from jail.