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Killer Mahon suffers brutal shower beating after prison move

Dave Mahon
Dave Mahon

KILLER Dave Mahon is believed to have been the victim of a vicious attack in jail which has left him with a fractured jaw.

The balding-killer claims that he “slipped and fell” in the shower in Wheatfield Prison’s gym, but prison officials are satisfied he was the victim of an assault.

“Mahon is refusing to tell officers who assaulted him and is instead lying that he slipped and fell,” reveals an insider.

“There are no cameras in the shower area, so no-one can be properly questioned about the incident.

“Mahon is terrified of ‘ratting’ on whoever beat him up, as he has made numerous enemies and is afraid of further consequences.

“When he arrived in Wheatfield he started throwing shapes around as if he owned the place, but there are many there who are willing to put him in his place and some obviously already have.”

Prison officials are becoming increasingly concerned for Mahon’s safety.

He was moved from Mountjoy during the summer as his safety there could not be guaranteed. He has now been moved to Unit 7 in Wheatfield.

On Friday, Mahon (45) launched an appeal against the severity of his seven year jail sentence for killing his stepson Dean.

It is believed Mahon has built up a huge array of enemies behind bars.

The Sunday World recently revealed that Mahon and wife Audrey Fitzpatrick publicly thanked crime boss Daniel Kinahan for his help in their ‘search’ for Amy, when they issued him and staff at his now defunct Auld Dubliner pub in Spain a ‘certificate’ for raising funds for a sponsored walk for the missing teenager.

Ironically, Wheatfield Prison now houses most of the rival Hutch mob who are caged up inside, as they were moved there for their own safety.

Mahon was moved from Mountjoy after a northside gang, who were pally with Dean, offered €3,000 to get him “sliced up”.

He is also said to be terrified of jailbird friends who remain loyal to suspected serial killer Eric ‘Lucky’ Wilson. 

Mahon initially tried to blame Wilson for Amy’s disappearance, despite the fact the gangland hitman was apparently spotted in Northern Ireland when she disappeared on January 1, 2008.

Mahon was sentenced to seven years in jail in April for the manslaughter of Dean on May 26, 2013.

The 23-year-old father-of-one received a stab wound to the abdomen outside the apartment that his mother Audrey shared with Mahon at Burnell Square, Northern Cross, on the capital’s northside.

A jury rejected Mahon’s lies that Dean committed suicide by walking into a knife on purpose which Mahon had grabbed from him.

Shame-faced Audrey has steadfastly stood by Mahon, who she married in May 2015, two years after he had killed her son.

A week after Mahon was convicted of killing Dean, but cleared by the jury of murder, Audrey wrote on Facebook that she was “feeling proud” of her husband and claimed that he was not a bad man.

She has visited Mahon in Mountjoy prison and lately Wheatfield, on a number of occasions. When he was convicted she said he was “forgiven not forgotten”.

The Sunday World previously revealed how Amy said she feared Mahon, while a friend warned Irish embassy officials in Madrid three years before Amy disappeared that the schoolgirl was in danger from Mahon and another named person.

A judge previously rejected as “lies” Mahon’s insistence that when he was found with a half-empty bottle of Jack Daniels at the wheel of his car on January 1, 2013, near Lorcan Drive in Santry, north Dublin, that he was using it for “protection” in case he was attacked. He was subsequently convicted of “horrendous” drink driving.

“Mahon was lying about Dean running on to a knife he was holding, lying about the Jack Daniels in his car and now prison officers believe he’s lying about slipping in the shower,” says an insider.