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Killer found dead in Midlands Prison cell

Killer found dead in Midlands Prison cell

A convicted murderer who stabbed an innocent man to death with a carving knife was found hanged in his prison cell on Tuesday evening.

41-year-old Michael Maughan was found by warders at the Midlands Prison in Portlaoise at around 7:30pm, they tried to revive him but he was pronounced dead a short time later.

Maughan was handed a life sentence in 2013 for viciously stabbing Polish national Piotr Nowakowski (31) to death.

VICTIM: Piotr Nowakowski

Mr Nowakowski was stabbed twice and died in an ambulance on the way to Shannon Airport where he was to be airlifted to hospital in Cork.

Maughan and his brother had been drinking with the deceased and two other men in an apartment in the Sandfield complex in Ennis, Co. Clare, earlier that day and returned there later that night.

Maughan was not allowed back into the house when he arrived back and later told gardai that this made him “angry”.

He said he lifted his brother through a window so he could let him in through the front door.

He then told gardai that he went into a bedroom where Mr Nowakowski was sleeping.

When Mr Nowakowski followed him into the kitchen Maughan grabbed a carving knife and plunged it into his side, twice.

Maughan said he became “paranoid”, telling investigators that he “went berserk”.

After the ambulance crew arrived he gave Nowakowski another kick in the head as the paramedics were working on him.

He later told officers: “I can’t explain, I was out of control,” adding that Nowakowski had “never fought back.”

“I just lost it. I can’t explain why I did it or anything.

“I’m not proud of it or anything, my brain just flickered.”

A prison Service spokesman said last night that the inspector of prisons would carry out an investigation into the death in custody and gardai would carry out a separate probe on behalf of the coroner.