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Karen Buckley's murderer was on trial for attempted rape in 2013

Alexander Pacteau
Alexander Pacteau

Alexander Pacteau, who today pleaded guilty to the murder of Irish student Karen Buckley, stood trial accused of raping a woman in Glasgow in 2013

STV News in Scotland published the details of the case today following the 21-year-old's guilty plea in Glasgow High Court.

Pacteau admitted hitting the Cork woman 12 or 13 times with a spanner in his car, killing her only 20 minutes after meeting her outside a nightclub in the Scotish city in April this year.

In 2013 he stood trial accused of attempting to rape a woman in Glasgow in 2011.

Pacteau was charged with attacking a 24-year-old woman in an alleyway in 2011 and trying to force her to perform a sex act on him.

The case went to trial in 2013. In the transcript of the case, Pacteau tells the court: "If I had carried out a sexual assault I would have taken responsibility for my actions. I don’t cower away from that. I did not sexually assault this woman. I would never make an attempt to sexually assault this woman. I believe rape is the lowest of the low. I’d rather be charged with murder than attempted rape."

The complainer had told the court that the pair had decided to get a taxi together and had walked up a laneway near Baliol Street in the city, where she alleged Pacteau had tried to sexually assault her.

In evidence, Pacteau, aged 17 at the time of the alleged incident, said that the complainer had slapped him and that he had fallen to the ground. During the fall, his belt had come undone and that was why he had been seen adjusting his trousers by witnesses who had been alerted by screams from a woman.

Pacteau hid when the police arrived, which he said he did out of 'panic'.

At the end of the trial, Pacteau told the court: "I think before my actions. I would not have done that knowing the jail sentence you can get. Nonetheless, taking the jail out of it, I would never had even attempted to do that. It’s an absolutely disgusting, disgusting thing to be accused of. I’ve cried endless nights because of this."

The jury found Pacteau not guilty by a majority verdict after a five-day trial.