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Insensitive judge says tragic Karen Buckley “put herself in a vulnerable position”

Karen Buckley
Karen Buckley

A judge in the UK has sparked outrage after he insinuated that Karen Buckley carried some of the blame for her killing by “putting herself in a vulnerable position”.

District Judge Nigel Cadbury claimed that by drinking with friends Karen Buckley “put herself in a vulnerable position”, just a day after the tragic 21-year-old's body was discovered in Glasgow.

The judge made the comments as he sentenced 21-year-old Leanne Roberts for assault.

"I find it incredible that young people can get so drunk that they don't even know who they're with” said the judge.

"One only has to think about the horrible situation in Glasgow to see how serious this could have been.

"It's very, very worrying how young girls put themselves in such very, very vulnerable positions."

The judge compared the situation to Karen Buckley’s murder, even though there is no evidence that she was drunk on the night she was killed.

Women's campaigner Sarah Green, Acting Director of the End Violence Against Women Coalition, told The Mirror:

District Judge Nigel Cadbury seems to be perpetuating the idea that young women drinking alcohol put themselves at risk of attack.

"Even if it is not meant, this implies that sexual violence is in some way inevitable and it is women's responsibility to avoid it.

"It makes the perpetrators of these crimes all but invisible.

"We have to get beyond this focus on women's behaviour regarding rape and shift it to the men who choose to commit these crimes.

"Because violence against women is not inevitable.

"We must start asking - who commits rape and why, what motivates them, who do they target, why are they often confident they will get away with it, and what can we do to deter it."

Karen Buckley’s body was found following a four day hunt by police.

21-year-old Alex Pacteau has been formally charged with her murder.

Details of the murder charge also include the allegation that Pacteau covered her body in a 'corrosive substance' and that he put the body in a barrel.