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Pint-sized thug John Gilligan caught in web of lies

John Gilligan at court in early February, ahead of losing a Supreme Court appeal
John Gilligan at court in early February, ahead of losing a Supreme Court appeal

Gangster John Gilligan took to his Facebook page to accuse the Sunday World of lies - after we caught him telling porkies yet again.

The pint-sized thug told his handful of followers that he had NOT found another home, after we nabbed the family moving fixtures from Jessbrook to a remote Roscommon farmhouse.

He insisted: "I am in the capital of Ireland, Dublin, and not in Roscommon, Offaly, Leitrim or whatever town they're going to try and state next, but it's genuinely 'waffle'.

"I have no inten­tion of leaving Dublin - I am in Dublin and the Gar­da know this because they pass me each day."

The Sunday World can reveal that he merely pays sporadic visits to the capi­tal to see his relatives and has been living in his fam­ily bungalow beside the former Jessbrook Eques­trian Centre in Kildare for almost a year.

Our team has been watching him for months as he spends his days work­ing on the grounds of the bungalow, which the fami­ly have to hand back to the State on June 5.

Last week we revealed how Tracey Gilligan ac­cepted delivery of a load of fencing and gates from Jessbrook to Strokestown in Roscommon, where she has keys to a stunning country retreat.

Tracey Gilligan at the new house

Locals say that a "cou­ple" have rented the house but the Sunday World was watching as Tracey let herself in and out of the house with her own set of keys.

Gilligan was livid when we revealed that he has had a bolthole all along, despite claiming he will be homeless when CAB turfs him out of his remaining properties after a mammoth legal battle.

The criminal, who spent two decades in jail for drug dealing, has presented him­self at Blanchardstown, where he has asked to be placed on the housing list.

The Gilligans' battle against CAB saw them use free legal aid while they fought the Bureau in every court in the land.

The case ended this year when the Supreme Court ruled that three proper­ties - at Blanchardstown, Lucan and beside the for­mer Jessbrook centre - were to be handed over.