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ISIS ‘fanboy’ fails to recruit new members with “tiny" penis

Jazwari Saraqib
Jazwari Saraqib

A recruiter for despised terrorist outfit ISIS has been publicly mocked after he tried to convert women online by sending them his nude snaps.

The London-based extremist, who uses the alias Jazwari Saraqib, first came to the attention of authorities in the UK when he tweeted his support for the terror attacks in San Bernardino, California which claimed the lives of 14 people.

According to reports, one online poster wrote:

“This ISIS recruiter in London promised marriage to ISIS women, but then just had intercourse & taped it.”

Another said: “He is married. This hypocrite b*****d has been supporting ISIS for years & issued death threats to many on Twitter.”

But some of his intended targets took him to task over his unwanted advances, writing: “ISIS fanboy ‘Jazrawi’ exposed”, “Saudi national in London,” and “he sent the wrong ISIS fangirl nudes of his (tiny) wiener.”

Saraquib has prompted online spats over women and has his Twitter account has since been suspended.