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Irishman stabbed in head and neck following “drunken row”

Irishman stabbed in head and neck following “drunken row”

A 69-year-old Irish man, who was knifed to death in an apartment in the Moroccan town of Taghazout, was allegedly attacked by a man he invited back for a drink.

Police believe that Stephen Hein, who lived in a rented apartment just 30-minutes outside the tourist hotspot of Agadir, got into an altercation with Noureddine Nourehid (40) whom he had invited back to his home for a drink.

According to reports in the Irish Sun, when cops arrived to the scene, before 1am on Wednesday, Mr Hein was found to have suffered knife wounds to the neck and face, while Nourehid also had head injuries.

Mr Hein was rushed to hospital, but died of his injuries and hour and a half later.

Nourehid was extremely drunk when police arrived on the scene and was arrested, according to reports.

It is understood that he appeared behind a closed investigative magistrate yesterday.

The Department of Foreign Affairs confirmed that it is aware of the case and will provide consular assistance if required.