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Irish sicko with links to pro-rape group

Mark Zolo
Mark Zolo

THIS is the creepy, sex-obsessed Irish man who associates with the leaders of a notorious global pro-rape group.

Meath man Mark Zolo has connections to the ‘neo-masculinist’ group leader Daryush ‘Roosh V’ Valizadeh – who advocates the legalisation of rape and believes women are biologically determined to follow the orders of men.

After a social media backlash, Roosh V was forced to cancel a global meeting of the men’s rights group Return of Kings, which he leads, including a gathering in Naas, Co. Kildare.

An investigation by the Sunday World can reveal how his Irish supporter Zolo:

  • Openly reveals about having “filthy” sex with a Wexford “school kid”.
  • Hired one of Roosh V’s closest allies to edit his sick sex book.
  • Has written a blog about pinning a woman against a wall for sex and left her “pantless down some back alley”.
  • Boasted about sleeping with more than 60 different nationalities of women.

Our team this week tracked down Zolo to his base in Malta and he gave the Sunday World a bizarre interview.

Originally from Dunboyne in Co. Meath, the sex-crazed individual had a cosy upbringing, attending two of the top universities in Ireland.

'Pro-rape' group leader cancels Irish meeting, read the full story here.

He has a business degree from Maynooth University and also a masters from DCU.

The Meath man spends his time travelling the world and writing disturbing sex blogs. Zolo has published a tasteless sex tourism book which gives his readers an account of how to seduce women and buy drugs.

His website, The Naughty Nomad, details troubling episodes of his sexual experiences and desires.

In one post, Zolo divulges that he had sex with a “fresh-faced teen” from Wexford who “looks 15 and really innocent”.

“I can honestly say that school kid was the best sex I’ve had all year. She likes slapping, calling me daddy, dirty talk, getting choked, gagging – she lets me do whatever I want,” he writes.

“The girl is filthy. Also it’s just not as fun when it is legal. If I met a girl who looked like *** when she was 15, I’m pretty sure I’d take her down.”

When the Sunday World quizzed him about his unsettling posts, Zolo claimed that he writes erotically about his experience to earn money from his site.

He said: “She was of age, I think she was 18. She was in her last year in secondary school. I do purposely write a lot of controversial stuff to get a rise out of people because often that’s where I get my traffic from, from those kind of things… tongue in cheek. Its click-bait, of course I make money off the site.

“Certain women develop at different stages, some develop more than others. I was making the point that the body doesn’t know, it’s instinct that decides.”

Zolo attempted to distance himself from the pro-rape group when we highlighted that the editor of his book – Matt Forney –  is a trusted friend of Roosh .

“I consider him a friend. He’s a fantastic writer and that’s why I let him edit my book. He’s the editor for Return of Kings… he writes a lot of stuff that I wouldn’t agree with,” said Zolo.

“Me and him [Roosh] have a lot of conflict. He’s very much over the top in his views. I’ve often spoken out against him.”

When we told him that our team read his articles on the Return of Kings website, he again attempted to distance himself from the group.

“I paid for that, that was a sponsored content because that was my target market.

“It wasn’t a contribution, I paid for that content.”

However, the Meath man tweeted his support for Roosh V after the leader cancelled his worldwide meetings.

“I did actually support Roosh on that because the lies spread through the media were incredible,” he said.

 “The meetings were basically just a community of lads, it was more like meet for pints and get to know people.

“The media took it like some sort of legal rape thing. It was completely bizarre. I believe in self-improvement and all the positive aspects from it, but I don’t agree with all of it.”

Despite writing a blog last month in which he reveals he had sex in a family ski resort in Andorra, Zolo believes he has changed his sick ways.

“The language is purposely provocative, but yes, me and my girlfriend had sex in a moving cable car. I used to have goals about I wanna sleep with this much women, I used to have numbers and nationalities.

“I don’t know the total number, but I’ve been with over 60 nationalities. After a while I didn’t derive happiness from it and I stopped.

“I think if you read the article it does give food for thought. My grandmother’s read my book, everyone in my life knows about everything I do,” he added.

Martin Grant & Colin C. Cortbus