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Irish criminals scatter as feud heats up

Daniel Kinahan
Daniel Kinahan

The key players in Dublin’s ongoing gangland feud have now fled Ireland to avoid being murdered by rival gunmen.

The Irish Daily Star reports that the mobsters have moved to locations in England, Spain and the Netherlands.

There are now fears that the bloody feud between the Hutches and Kinahans could explode abroad.

"A lot of the main heads have left the country", a source told the Star.

"Holland and Spain are the two main areas, but there is also intelligence that some have gone to the UK. But that runs the risk that the feud could spill over abroad."

The two main targets in the feud are now increasingly spending their time abroad, according to the source.

Gerry 'the Monk' Hutch is spending an increasing amount of time in Lanzarote, where he was the target of a botched assassination plot on New Year's Eve.

Several of his key associates have also fled their homes in Dublin and are believed to be hiding out in Spain and Holland.

On the other side, cartel boss Daniel Kinahan is reported to be based in the Costa del Sol, with occasional trips to London and Dublin. However, his precise location is not known.

There are, however, some key figures who have stayed in Ireland, including Liam Byrne (36), who is living in Crumlinm 'Fat' Freddie Thompson and Liam Roe.

Meanwhile, an associate of the Kinahan gang is alleged to have severed a man's head and left it in a bucket outside a café in Amsterdam, read the full story here