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Irish bikers promoted to notorious gang after rival hit

Andrew 'Odd' O'Donoghue
Andrew 'Odd' O'Donoghue

AN INFAMOUS international biker gang promoted an Irish club to its ranks after a member blasted a rival in a brutal murder.

The Limerick- based bikers were awarded Bandidos membership a year after Alan ‘Cookie’ McNamara shot Andrew ‘Odd’ O’Donoghue at close range.

The shooting came after McNamara had been beaten up and his leather waistcoat with his club ‘patches’ taken off him by rival bikers.

The killing put his biker club on the fast-track to full Bandidos membership, according to Sunday World sources.

At the time McNamara was a member of the Caballeros MC which are a support organisation for the Bandidos.


The bikers were ‘fully patched’ as Bandidos and held a huge party to celebrate at their Limerick base in October 2016.

It drew bikers from all over Ireland as well as the European head of the Bandidos, Michael ‘Kokken’ Rosenvold, who personally presented the patches.

There was also a heavy Garda presence at the industrial estate where the bikers’ clubhouse is located as they celebrated being officially ‘patched’ by the Bandidos.

Europol were also involved with the operation, with officers from other countries on hand during the all-night party to monitor the bikers, according to Sunday World sources.


This week McNamara was convicted of murdering O’Donoghue after a trial at the Central Criminal Court.

A jury rejected his claim he had been acting in self defence after being targeted by members of the Road Tramps MC, an unaffiliated biker club.

The day before the killing, on June 20, 2015, McNamara had gone to a pub in Doon, Co. Limerick, with his wife wearing his Cabelleros patches.

This area was considered to be Road Tramps territory and three men stripped him of his ‘colours’ waistcoat.

The following day McNamara was told a group of Cabelleros members were chasing a Road Tramps member back to their Mountfune clubhouse.

McNamara armed himself with a shotgun and went to the clubhouse, where he shot ‘Odd’ O’Donoghue at the gate.

The international biker club came out in support of McNamara, posting his photo online and lauding him as “a real fighting Irish all the way”. The Bandidos have earned a reputation for violence and criminality around the world.


History of violence

THE BANDIDOS were originally founded in 1966 by biker Don Chambers, after he found other biker clubs too tame.

The Vietnam vet and former Marine was convicted of killing two drug dealers in 1972 after they had sold gang members bogus drugs. Since then the Bandidos have expanded to become an international organisation.

The Bandidos are thought to have at least 2,500 members worldwide. In North America the biker organisation has been linked to drug smuggling, prostitution and motorbike theft.

The Bandidos official website welcomed their new Irish club, saying: “Proud Irish brothers showing off their new status as full patch chapter. Well done.”