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Ireland's only female assassin is jail nanny

Rose Lynch
Rose Lynch

Ireland’s only female assassin, Rose Lynch, has become a granny again behind bars.

The Limerick woman, who was jailed for life for shooting dead innocent delivery man David Darcy, is hoping to see the new addition to her family over the coming weeks when he is brought in to see her in jail.

While most doting grandparents love a stroll in the park and are delighted to oblige for babysitting duty, Rose (53) can’t enjoy any of the simple pleasures in life.

And she will be at least 67 before she has any hope of getting her freedom back.

Her grandson was born earlier this month after her son Joey became a dad for the first time. Rose has remained close to all three of her children – Joey, Johnny and Ciara – who regularly visit her in jail.

She recently enjoyed a visit from another of her grandchildren, ahead of the child’s First Holy Communion.

Far from having any regrets about being banged up for life, sources say Rose is happy to serve time.

Her time behind bars has done nothing to quell her support for the CIRA faction headed up by her father ‘Tiny’ Joe Lynch and former provo bombmaker Patrick ‘Mooch’ Blair.

“She is brainwashed and believes she is doing time for a united Ireland. While most women couldn’t think of anything worse than only being able to see their family during brief visits, she sees it like a martyrdom,” a source said.

Lynch is the only female dissident in an Irish jail and has been hailed as a hero by supporters for giving her life for ‘the cause’.

She has settled in to life in Limerick jail, where she is studying and working as a librarian.  Despite being banged up for murder she enjoys the full support of her family and, in particular, her father Joe.

He is currently before the courts in Northern Ireland after an MI5 sting recorded members of his CIRA faction plotting to target judges and police officers in the north and discussing bomb plots, weapons training and fundraising activities.

It is understood the 72-year-old is desperate not to be held in custody as his group have fallen foul of other republican factions and feel they would not be safe in prison.

Joe Lynch 

He has regularly said he is proud of his daughter and after she was jailed in 2012 he insisted: “I support my daughter and I’m as proud a man today as I was the day she came into the world. She is very strong and very staunch. A good republican.

“The only thing I’m sorry about is that my daughter didn’t get away. I’m not sorry about anything else.”

Rose was arrested in 2011 on her way to kill the second of six targets on a list she kept in her handbag. She was charged with the earlier murder of David Darcy – a Dublin delivery man that the CIRA wanted dead in retaliation for the murder of their leader Liam Kenny.

Darcy, a court later heard, was a completely innocent man and was targeted after a cock-up by CIRA ‘intelligence.’