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Innocent gangland victim laid to rest

Innocent gangland victim laid to rest

The funeral has taken place for tragic Martin O’Rourke, who was gunned down in cold blood by a bungling hit man, last week.

The father of three was laid to rest today after a mass at Halston Street Church in Dublin's inner city.

Martin was killed as he stood on the corner of Sheriff Street and Oriel Street, in a case of mistaken identity.

Mr O'Rourke had suffered with addiction issues and was living in sheltered accommodation with his partner, who was pregnant with their fourth child at the time of his death.

He is the latest victim in the Kinahan - Hutch feud.

Father Derek Farrell told the congregation today it was important to remember Mr O'Rourke was "on the right path".

He condemned the recent outbreak of violence in the capital and quoted Archbishop Diarmuid when he said: "Could the repeated question of an innocent four year old child to her grieving mother, ‘Where’s Daddy?’ fail to touch even such hearts?"

He said; "Martin was a young man who had very little really in life, but who had life and had a loving fiancée, children and friends, only to be so callously and brutally robbed of everything.

"His one and only precious life has been taken. His family and friends’ loved one has been taken. His fiancée's husband-to-be has been taken.

"His children's daddy has been taken," he continued.

"Many have said that Martin was at the ‘wrong place at wrong time', but in the years ahead it will be important for his children to know that while he may have been at the wrong place, he was also on the right path.

Following a public appeal for help covering the funeral costs for the Dublin man who was murdered in a case of mistaken identity, more than €5,000 flooded in.