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Inmates vow to ‘get’ Graham Dwyer

Inmates vow to ‘get’ Graham Dwyer

Graham Dwyer lost his job in Cloverhill prison’s kitchen over fears that he would be beaten or killed by inmates.

The Star reports today that the murderer had been working in the prison kitchen before his trial.

“Before his trial the other inmates didn’t have a clue what he was in there for,” the source said.

“He was working in the prison kitchen and he made a habit of dishing out legal advice to other inmates and acting the part of prison barrister. “

Cloverhill Prison

But this changed when his case came to trial.

Dwyer was recently taken from the padded cell he was put into after being convicted of the murder of Elaine O’Hara, and moved to a secure cell on the prison’s D2 landing.

The Star revealed that inmates have screamed at and threatened Dwyer since his trial.

The source said:

“On Saturday when his dad visited he had to walk through the C, B and A wings on the way and the other inmates went mad.”

“They were roaring things at him like, ‘Go on you f*cking dirt-bird’ and ‘You’ll be in here with us soon enough.”

Dwyer is under a strict regime in prison where he is only supplied with plastic cutlery and is not allowed to have chicken legs in case he uses the bones to self-harm

He is also being kept in absolute isolation for his own protection.

The murderer is due to receive a mandatory life sentence on the 20th of April, but sources say he is set to appeal his conviction.