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INLA bomber in Kinahan hit squad behind Gareth Hutch murder

Gareth Hutch
Gareth Hutch

An INLA man who was found with bomb making equipment a number of years ago is the prime suspect for the brutal gangland murder of Gareth Hutch.

The Kinahan’s number one trigger man, who is believed ot be behind numerious hits, is red hot after being arrested by gardai in connection with the murder of Eddie Hutch snr, forcing the cartel to assemble new team of assassins.

“Officers have pinpointed three men who they believe were involved,” a source told the Irish Sun.

“The INLA link is worrying as it brings a whole new dimension to this gangland war.

“The INLA have always been seen as cold blooded killers – if they are involved expect more killings.

“Most of these fellas are psychopaths. They’ll say they have a cause but they’ll kill for money.”

According to The Sun, the INLA bomber acted as a “spotter” when a Kinahan hit squad blasted New IRA member Mickey Barr to death in the Sunset House pub in Dublin’s north inner city, in April.

Gareth Hutch was shot in the head and neck six times by a hit squad on Tuesday, making him the third member of his family to be killed in the bloody feud.