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Ice-queen killer stuns victim's family by trying to quash murder verdict

Marta Herda
Marta Herda

ICE-QUEEN Killer Marta Herda has stunned the family of her innocent hotel worker victim by moving to have her conviction for his murder quashed

Murdered Csaba Orsos’ shocked brother Zoltan Sandro told the Sunday World he only learned of Herda’s bid to appeal her conviction earlier this week and was stunned that she is trying to get out of jail so soon.

Herda was jailed for life in July after being convicted of deliberately killing Hungarian Csaba Orsos by driving her car at high speed through the crash barrier at South Quay, Arklow, Co Wicklow, on March 26, 2013.

During her month-long trial the jury heard how Herda, from Poland, escaped through the driver’s window at the harbour but her colleague’s body was found on a nearby beach later that day. 

A post-mortem examination found that 31-year-old Csaba died from drowning and not from injuries related to the crash.

The trial heard that the handbrake had been applied before the car entered the water and that the only open window was the driver’s.

Speaking this week, Sandro said that neither he nor the jury had any doubt at the end of the month-long trial that Herda was guilty of murder.

“I only found out about the appeal from my solicitor a few days ago,” he told the Sunday World.

“If she was sorry for what she did, she would not being doing this.

“If a person kills another person then they should spend a long time in jail, but she doesn’t want to do that.

“She killed my brother. By the appeal she is saying she is not guilty.

“But we were there for the trial, for the full month and the jury found her guilty of murder.”

Asked whether Marta had ever contacted the family to express remorse for the killing, Sandro replied: “No, she never ever said sorry. After it happened in 2013 I tried to contact her on Facebook but I couldn’t find her because she had taken her page dome.

“Then when I was over for the court case she walked by me a number of times as if she didn’t even know me.

“She is not sorry. There was a minute or two during the court case when I saw it on her face that she knew what she did, but after that she changed.

“We all worked together in the hotel so she knew who I was, but she just walked past me as if she didn’t even know who I was.

“I’ll only be happy if she stays in jail.”

Statements Herda gave to gardai painted innocent Hungarian Orsos out to be a stalker who had been infatuated with her over a two year period prior to his killing.

She said he used to text her and “put things on Facebook” in the course of their two years working together at tranquil Brook Lodge Hotel in Aughrim, Co Wicklow.

Herda claimed Csaba would talk about her to her colleagues.

“He tell them we have sex, but that’s not true,” she said. 

“When I drove into the water, I wanted this all to stop.”

The trial also heard Dr Donal Bailey, who treated the accused in hospital, asked her if she knew what would happen when the car entered the water.

He said: “She nodded and became tearful. Her only answer to me was that she knew he couldn’t swim.”