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“I was thinking I’d get €5,000 and an apology” says “Skankhole” jibe woman

Roxana Pach
Roxana Pach

A woman whose defamation case against a Dublin Bus driver was dismissed this week has spoken to reporters from the Irish Sun in an attempt to clear her name.

Dental nurse Roxana Pach, who was called a “f***ing skankhole” by a Dublin bus driver after she refused to pick up some rubbish she had dropped, says she took the €74,000 case because she wanted an apology, but never got one.

“I was thinking I’d get €5,000 and an apology as well but I didn’t get anything”, she told The Sun, “but I didn’t get anything and now I am the bad one.”

In court Pach, of Hansted Road, Lucan, Co Dublin, claimed being called a skankhole meant that she was a woman of low morals, promiscuous, dishonest, socially undesirable and a prostitute.

Mr Justice Raymond Groarke was told that Pach boarded a city-bound bus at Adamstown, Dublin, and was told by the driver to leave the bus and pick up some litter he said she had dropped.

She was embarrassed and had refused to do so. She asked for her ticket and he just stared at her. She had to repeat her request and he had then processed the transaction.

After doing so he had called her “a f*****g skank” which greatly upset her and then when she alighted from the vehicle he called her “A f*****g skankhole.”

The driver told barrister Jeri Ward, counsel for Dublin Bus, that there had been an exchange between them regarding the dropping of litter but he denied having used the words she claimed he had.

“I think it is disgraceful that he can call names. He is only a bus driver, he can’t judge people,” said 25-year-old Pach.

“I didn’t throw a whole bag of rubbish, it was one small thing. So I think it was unfair on me. I have a child, I work and everything.”

In court Judge Groarke said that Pach had thrown litter onto the ground and he had complimented the driver for having taken her to task for that conduct. 

“He had asked her to pick up the litter and put it in a bin at the door of the bus and she had said she would not,” Judge Groarke said.

“I have found that he uttered the words complained of and there is no question that the words used have the potential to be grievously defamatory of a woman in particular.”

However, he dismissed Pach’s claim saying that no half intelligent person in the city of Dublin, hearing the discourse about not having picked up the litter, would conclude from it that she was an easy woman of low morals and low character.

Pach told reporters this weekend how she has “nightmares” about the event.

“You don’t expect to be called this. I was getting the bus to college for a training course at the time, I went to my pocket and a bit of litter fell out. It was an accident.

“The driver completely overreacted — no one deserves to be called a prostitute or anything like it. I was embarrassed and shocked, I didn’t know what to do, I panicked. It was very nasty.

“I still feel very angry. I help people every day with my work, I love helping people.

“I am a nice person. I am not that type of person, a skankhole.

“I live for my boy. I have cried over this and my son has seen me crying.

“I don’t get that bus number anymore, I get a different bus and walk an extra 30 minutes to make sure I don’t see him again.

“It was the last thing I needed. I was doing my exams at the time, working full-time and looking after my boy. It still upsets me. He had no right to judge me.”

Pach told the Irish Sun that she only took the €75,000 action to get an apology from the driver.

“I went for an apology but I didn’t get it,” Pach held, “he said he never said it. But the judge said he did.”

Pach, who is originally from Poland, has since deleted her Facebook account after being targeted by trolls.

 “I was crying for the whole day,” she said, “I didn’t know the story was going to end up like this. I didn’t mind that I didn’t win the case.

“But people were slagging me and I had to delete my Facebook as well.

“I got some very nasty messages, people can be so cruel. I am a young person doing my best.”

Despite the upsetting ordeal, Pach is not planning to appeal the case.