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"I’ll cut your throat open in front of your woman and children"

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THE red-hot rivalry between Ireland’s bare-knuckle fighters shows no signs of cooling down, with insults flying ahead of a big-money clash.

Joe Joyce Jnr and Patrick Nevin have put down €10,000 for a clash later this year after a series of challenges posted on social media.

It comes after a bruising hour long battle between Joyce and Nevin’s cousin Daniel last October at a location in Northern Ireland.

Joyce was declared the winner after the gruelling battle, during which both men showed they could take and dish out heavy punches.


Determined to restore the pride of the Nevin clan, Patrick ‘Big Foot’ has stepped forward to take on Joe ‘the Hulk’ Joyce.

The agreed fair-play men are Paul Joyce of the Oxford Joyces and ‘Mexican’ John Nevin, who will referee a fight most likely to be held in the U.K., according to sources.

Paul Joyce established his own reputation as a fighter when he took on and fought a draw against Michael Quinn-McDonagh in a fight that featured the documentary Knuckle.

However, even with terms agreed between the fighters, there have been verbal attacks posted online that make the McGregor-Mayweather trash-talk look tame. Another member of the Nevin clan threatened to cut Joe Joyce’s throat in front of his wife and children in one clip posted online.

A furious Michael Nevin demanded that Joyce and other members of his family leave his family alone. He also challenged him to fight after the fight with Big Foot is over.

“After you and Patrick fight, I want to fight you. You said this is the last fair fight you are giving a Nevin.

Well I’ll do one better for you Joe. I’ll take you on fair or dirty I don’t give too f**ks – I’ll have a dirty row with you Joe.”

“Any day after you and Patrick fight I’ll bring you out and have a dirty go with you.”

And towards the end of the rant Nevin, originally from Westmeath but living in the U.K., makes a shocking threat.

“I’ll cut your throat open in front of your woman and children. I don’t give two f**ks about that Joe,” he said.

“I’m not a violent person, I don’t want no violence, but trust me if you and your family doesn’t leave me alone into that site on top of you I will go and you will not see tomorrow morning,” he warned.

Joe Jnr’s reply this week does little to calm the war of words in a reply also posted on social media and widely viewed.

“You are only 150 mile away, any time you want to come you are more than welcome to come and we’ll see if you get out of the site alive,” he said.

“You needn’t worry about fighting me. I’m fighting your cousin and if I see you that day I’ll put you to sleep as well. I’d destroy you with two slaps. Ye’re nothing, nobodies.”