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Hutch mob target behind bars says "they're going to get me"

Thomas Fox
Thomas Fox

THE HUTCH mob’s top target behind bars, Thomas Fox, has told prison officers “no matter where I am they’re going to getting me”, after being discovered attempting to take his own life in his cell.

The attempt came as the Kinahan Cartel this week temporarily blocked an attempt by Mountjoy Prison management to break up the cartel’s hold over the B-wing – after dozens of cartel associates on the wing demanded ‘protection status’ if they were moved.

Cartel associates on the wing, which is understood to be controlled by Kinahan loyalist Davin Flynn, were informed this week they were to be relocated to other parts of Mountjoy and other prisons.

The following day, after inmates on the landing met to discuss the move, several dozen prisoners arrived at the Governor’s door requesting protection status.

“Effectively this means the inmates will have to be allowed remain on the one wing and the Kinahan Cartel will retain control,” a source said.

The source said the attempt by Fox (30), occurred as the Hutch-Kinahan feud continues to cause problems in a number of prisons across the country.

Fox had to be rescued by staff after he was wrongly informed he was one of the two Hutch mob targets whose names were written on a wall in north Dublin following the murder of Michael Keogh.

The Sunday World has learned Fox, who is before the Special Criminal Court on a charge of murdering Gerry ‘the Monk’ Hutch’s nephew Gareth, was already considered by officers to be a risk to himself and at risk from Hutch mob associates and the Kinahan cartel itself.

“He [Fox] is utterly panicked. Not only do the Hutch mob want him dead over the murder of Gareth, the Kinahans already had him stabbed because they think he’s a rat,” said a source.

“He was just looking for a way out.”


The Sunday World understands that in the wake of being rescued, Fox refused attempts by the Irish Prison Service to have him transferred to a padded cell in the prison’s medical unit.

“He’s now under close observation in a protection cell in the basement of the prison. He’s being monitored every 15 minutes,” said our source.

Fox previously survived an attempt on his life at the hands of the Kinahan Cartel in March after he refused to hand over the Garda ‘book of evidence’ served on him in February, which would have revealed if he ‘named names’ during Garda interviews.

The book of evidence contains statements Fox made during formal interviews with Gardaí after he handed himself in at Mountjoy Garda Station in the aftermath of the killing of Gareth Hutch.

Fox (29), has been on remand in Mountjoy Prison, since he handed himself in in May of last year following the murder of 35-year-old Gareth Hutch, who was shot dead as he was getting into his car outside Avondale House flats on May 24 last year.

The Sunday World also understands that Fox, who was formerly involved with the group known as the New INLA, has been disowned by the group.

Fox and his ‘step brother’ Mick Taylor both received serious knife injuries during a ‘flick-knife’ attack in a cell on the A3 landing in Mountjoy in March.

Initially it had been claimed that Taylor was the target of the attack after he ‘vouched’ for another inmate who had come on to the landing. Sources have since revealed Fox was the target.

During the attack, Fox received a stab wound to the back and a knife wound to his face stretching from his right eye back through his face and ear.

Taylor, who sustained knife injuries to his back, is understood to have intervened in a bid to save Fox.

Although Taylor and Fox are not related by blood they are considered to be ‘almost step-brothers’ as Taylor’s deceased father was previously in a relationship with Thomas Fox’s mother.