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Hutch leaders won't eat prison grub over Kinahan poison concerns

Patrick Hutch
Patrick Hutch

Leading members of the Hutch gang are refusing to eat prison food, fearing it could be poisoned by associates of the Kinahan Cartel behind bars.

This week prisoners connected to the crime family turned down food on their landing at Wheatfield Prison, according to sources.

These include Derek ‘Del Boy’ Hutch, who already escaped a bid to kill him when he was attacked by two other inmates, one armed with a shiv, in Mountjoy Prison.

In the meantime, Hutch associates were allowed to use a George Foreman grill supplied to them along with a tray of eggs, a source told the Sunday World.


“This is just pure paranoia on their part – no contraband has been found that could be used to poison prisoners,” said a source.

Inmates at risk from associates of the Kinahan Cartel, who heavily outnumber the Hutch mob, are being detained in a 16-cell unit in west Dublin’s Wheatfield Prison.

As well as Del Boy Hutch, who is serving 16 years for a botched armed robbery, other inmates on the landing include his cousin Patrick Hutch and his associate Keith Hall.

Patrick is charged in connection with the murder of David Byrne at the Regency Hotel in February 2016 and is prime target for a revenge attack by Kinahan thugs.

Keith Hall, who is serving a life sentence for the murder of teenager Melanie McCarthy in a drive-by shooting, is also the target of violent criminals behind bars.


Rival mobsters are reported to have offered a bounty for anyone willing to give Hall a beating as he serves out his sentence.

Del Boy was lucky to escape with his life when a knife attack was launched against him in his cell in Mountjoy in December 2015, in what was a significant escalation in the feud with the Kinahans.

Three months earlier he suffered a slash wound to his arm when he was attacked in an exercise yard in the same prison.

Thug Jamie Griffin, who was in jail for robbing a bookies at the time, was one of those suspected to have been behind that attack.

Del Boy’s brother, Gary, was the first to die in the feud when he was shot dead in Spain in November 2015. The gangland war has now claimed 11 lives.

The Hutches are not the first prisoners to have refused food from a prison kitchen amid fears they could be poisoned.

Hitman-for-hire James Martin Cahill, who believed that he was going to be murdered by the Dundon gang, was convinced attempts were being made to poison him and he would only eat crisps.


Cahill may have been right, after a plot was discovered to kill him in his cell using a rocket launcher from outside the prison walls.

However, despite being under threat the Hutch mob are not doing their time quietly.

The Sunday World recently revealed how the gang managed to set up a smuggling route to get phones and drugs into the prison.

Del Boy also had a run-in with prison staff when he threatened to have photographs taken of them on the outside and was transferred to Castlerea Prison in Co. Roscommon for a short stint.