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Hutch family member reveals hell of living under cartel threat

Eddie Hutch Jnr
Eddie Hutch Jnr

THE heartbroken nephew of Gerry ‘the Monk’ Hutch today breaks the family’s silence after 12 months of bloodshed to reveal the “nightmare” existence of life inside the feud.

Eddie Hutch Jnr – whose innocent taxi driver dad Eddie Snr and cousins Gary and Gareth were murdered by the Kinahan Cartel – opened up to the Sunday World on the one-year anniversary of the feud’s first murder.

“A year ago today we were on Winning Streak… that was the last happy time my family had,” a heartbroken Eddie said.

“Now, my dad is dead, my cousins are dead and they even tried to kill my uncle Johnny.”

In his first interview since the feud began, Eddie:

  • Rubbishes claims his father Eddie Snr was killed because he had any involvement in avenging the death of Gary Hutch.
  • Pleads for an end to the violence in the wake of reports associates of the Hutch family are planning a new attack.
  • Reveals uncle Gerry hasn’t contacted him or his family since Eddie Snr was gunned down.
  • Tells how Gardaí are keeping a 24/7 presence in and around his home in a desperate bid to keep him, his mum and special needs brother safe.
  • Opens up on how another brother, Ross, has been forced into hiding

“I want this to stop – I just want it all to stop,” said Eddie.

“So many innocent people are dead. My dad was never involved in any of that stuff.

“He drove a taxi every day and night of his life and he’s dead.

“Gary is dead – he was sound, but they killed him anyway. And Gareth is dead, what did he ever do to anyone? He was sound, too.

“The Regency was just stupid – look what it caused. People are dead or facing life in prison over it.”

The impact of the murder of his family members has had a terrible effect on Eddie, who suffered superficial facial injuries in a bicycle accident earlier in the month.

The nightmare threat he now lives under – which has seen gardaí station an almost permanent presence around the home he shares with his mum, Jane – began in earnest a year ago yesterday.

Three days earlier, Eddie Jnr and his family had been enjoying a massive celebration after he scooped €33,000 on the Winning Streak game show when his younger brother Ross took his place on the show.

Although much of the publicity surrounding Eddie’s win focused on his previous involvement in non-gangland, drug-related crimes, the win was welcomed by a neighbour, who knew him to be “gentle and inoffensive” in the wake of battling back from his addiction to heroin.

However, the family’s joy turned to pure horror one year ago this weekend when, on September 24, Eddie’s cousin, Gary, was gunned down in Spain. The murder was the first blood spilled in a feud that has now claimed ten lives.

Although associates of the Hutch family struck back with the killing of senior Kinahan Cartel member David Byrne in the Regency on February 5, the subsequent reprisals would amount to a ruthless extermination of the Monk’s family and anyone associated with them.

Three days after the Regency, gun-thugs burst through the front door of the home of Eddie Jnr’s father and shot the 58-year-old dead.

His only crime, it now appears, is that he was the Monk’s brother and an easy target.

“Dad was innocent, he did nothing to anyone,” Eddie said sadly.

“What was the point of doing that? He just drove his taxi and that was it.”

If anyone believed that the cartel’s bloodlust would be satisfied with the murder of Eddie Snr, they were badly mistaken. After attending his brother Eddie’s funeral, the Monk fled Ireland for good.

“I haven’t heard anything from Gerry since my dad was murdered,” Eddie continued.

“But I don’t bother with him. I didn’t even see him at the funeral.

“He had a great life up until that.

“But he’s had to go now – that’s all over for him. I don’t know where he is.”

The next to die was veteran smuggler Noel ‘Kingsize’ Duggan, a close friend of Gerry’s, who was gunned down in Ratoath in Co. Meath on March 23.

That killing was followed up by the slaying of innocent homeless man Martin O’Rourke on Sheriff Street on April 14, after he was wrongly identified as Hutch associate Keith Murtagh, and the brutal pub slaying of Michael Barr.

Blood continued to run freely as the cartel’s killing machine went into overdrive with the horrific execution of Eddie’s cousin Gareth (35) on May 24 and David ‘Dotty’ Douglas on July 1.

Jonathan Hutch was the next member of the family to find himself in the cartel’s cross-hairs.

But as was the case when their hitmen tried to execute Keith Murtagh on Sheriff Street, they again killed the wrong man.

The August 17 murder of innocent Dublin City Council worker Trevor O’Neill in Marbella left his two young children without a father. For the cartel, the mistake was simply an inconvenience. 

Gunmen were dispatched to Jonathan’s Dublin home in north-central Dublin just two weeks later where they tried to gun down his father Johnny, another innocent brother of the Monk’s, but failed.

“It is,” Eddie responded, when it was put to him that the past year must be a nightmare for his family.

“I’m only beginning to feel safe going out in daylight again and that’s because the cops are all around here.

“We all want it to stop – there’s nothing else I can say.”