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Hutch army take out life-for-life insurance amid Kinahan feud

Gary Hutch
Gary Hutch

Associates of crime lord Gerry ‘the Monk’ Hutch have taken out a sinister gangland insurance policy after it emerged their warring rivals planned a sick murder hat-trick hit on the clan.

The Sunday World understands that a deposit for the assassination of Dapper Don Christy Kinahan’s sons Daniel and Christopher Jnr has been paid in the event of any further bloodshed in the Hutch camp.

Gerry 'The Monk' Hutch

Gary Hutch, a nephew of the Monk, was killed over the summer and his brother ‘Del Boy’ has survived three attempts on his life in prison.

Meanwhile, their father Patsy Hutch was told that there was a hit out on him at the same time that Gary was murdered, but he made a last-minute trip to England and scuppered the plans.

The savagery of the arrangement – to wipe out three members of the one family – is unprecedented even in the murky underworld.

It has left the Hutch family and it’s godfather the Monk under no illusion that the old laws of gangland are dead in the new age of drug cartels.

Hutch, although in semi-retirement in the sun, is renowned as a meticulous planner and a clever criminal who should never be underestimated.

'Del Boy' Hutch

The family associates have a network of contacts across the globe and business interests in the U.K., Ireland and abroad.

Now sources close to key figures in the Kinahan Cartel say they have been warned that a U.K.-based gang of assassins for hire has been contracted as insurance against any further strikes on the Hutch family and their network.

It is understood that the deadly gang are led by a former special forces officer who has employed ex-military trained snipers from Eastern Europe.

Daniel and Christopher Jnr, who are due to travel to Ireland for a boxing extravaganza in the National Stadium next month, are currently reviewing their security.

Daniel Kinahan 

It is understood that both are anxious to travel so they don’t appear to be frightened by the “Hutch army”, as senior Garda sources have branded them.

However, the brothers and their closest associates, the Byrne brothers from Raleigh Square in Dublin, will be surrounded by bodyguards during the event, which will be headlined by Dubliner Jamie Kavanagh.

Ironically, Kavanagh is training in the Kinahan MGM stable in Spain despite the fact that his own father and uncle were murdered last year by the mob.

Gerard ‘Hatchet’ Kavanagh was assassinated in the summer of 2014 in Marbella and the following March his brother Paul was gunned down over a row over drug money which had gone missing.

The Kinahans, it is understood, decided to use the brutal murders of the two brothers as a calling card to anyone else who should dare cross them.

Christy Kinahan Jrn

While Paul Kavanagh was involved in the operations of the Kinahan-run outfit, he was a small-time player living a low-key existence with his partner and two small children.

He was the last and youngest son of Mary Kavanagh, of Drimnagh. 

The Kinahan and Hutch divide is marked not only by the tensions in the group, but also by turf wars in the capital.

Kinahan’s key associates – the Byrne brothers, ‘Fat’ Freddie Thompson, Greg Lynch and Liam Roe – all hail from the south inner city, Crumlin and Drimnagh, while the Hutch clan have long ruled the north inner city.

More than 20 people on both sides of the divide have been warned their lives are in danger by the Gardaí.

It is understood that Hutch is being urged to go to war with the drug gang, who other criminals and paramilitary groups feel have expanded out of control. While he has no involvement in drugs himself, many of his associates do.

The crime lord had previously met with the Kinahan brothers as a mediator between his nephew and other members of his family after a major falling out, during which Gary Hutch was branded a rat.

Christy Kinahan

The Monk concluded the meeting, which took place in an international airport, believing that differences had been sorted, but just weeks later Gary was gunned down having returned to Spain on the advice of his pals in the Cartel, including Liam Byrne.

Last November – three months after his assassination – associates of Gary Hutch tried to kill perma-tanned gangster Liam Roe in the car park of a Dublin hotel.

Roe, who was out socialising with Daniel Kinahan and up to 50 members of the gang, escaped when the hitman’s gun jammed.

It is understood that members of the two sides both travelled to Las Vegas for the Conor McGregor fight in December, but avoided any meetings during the trip.

On their return, representatives of the Kinahan Cartel called to Patsy Hutch and demanded €200,000, which was not paid up.

The Monk returned to the capital for emergency meetings with associates and attained the backing of key former paramilitaries should he need it to help his family.