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Gardai hunt for thugs who terrorised pensioners, threw boiling water over dogs

A gang of six or seven individuals are being sought by Gardai
A gang of six or seven individuals are being sought by Gardai

Gardai are hunting a gang of thugs after three pensioners were terrorised in their own home in County Meath.

Officers in Trim are investigating the circumstances surrounding the aggravated attempted burglary at a home involving three elderly siblings - a brother and his two sisters. 

The attack occurred on Monday night in a small cottage outside the village of Ballivor. 

Speaking to the Irish Daily Star, one of the victims described the horror ordeal and how a gang of six or seven thugs entered their home. 

One of the victims revealed her nightmare began when her sister was out walking one of the family dogs when she saw a masked man at the back of the house. 

"She took the dog out for a walk and she just just coming around and she saw somebody going towards the back door and she shouted," she said. 

"I just came around the corner and I could see this man. He saw me. He had his face covered with a mask. I shouted and he came running towards me. 

"And then there were two of them and each of them caught me by the arm. They dragged me through the nettles. 

"I got a good scream out and he put his hand over my mouth. Then he pulled me on up near the door and he threw me inside."

It was at this point the woman realised there were a gang of around six or seven people inside the house. 

"I didn't realise there were six or seven of them, the others were in the house. It was terrible. One of them was especially rough.

"He kept saying, 'where's the money?'. 'I haven't got any money', I said. 

"And then he looked around him and said, 'I'm not leaving until I get something."

The terrified woman said he noticed a car outside and asked her for the keys to the vehicle. However, she told him the car was out of use and was only there as the cat was sleeping in it. 

The gang then turned their attention to the pensioners' pets. 

"Then they started on the dogs. He hit one of the dogs and my brother had the kettle boiling and he lifted the kettle and threw it over the dogs. 

"He hit another dog with the clippers."

She said the gang leader taunted them as he left, knocking out all of their lights with a saucepan before telling them he "knew they had no money anyway". 

The victims have been left terrified by the ordeal and have had trouble sleeping since the incident. 

Gardai are Trim are investigating the incident and are appealing for anyone who may have information to contact them on (046) 9431222.