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Home made Ice on Irish streets cooked in back yard Meth labs

Gardai raid a suspected Meth lab in Dublin
Gardai raid a suspected Meth lab in Dublin

CRYSTAL meth is a highly addictive drug that is cheap to produce and has devastating effects on users.

It can be made by mixing and cooking pseudoephedrine – which is found in decongestant products such as Sudafed – with other chemicals.

The crystalline form can be easily smoked and produces an intense rush similar to crack cocaine. The high lasts an average of 10 hours, making it an extremely powerful and addictive stimulant. Users have also been known to get aggressive while taking the drug.

Gardai raid a suspected Meth lab in Dublin

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Black Eyed Peas singer Fergie has spoken about how she was previously addicted to crystal meth, but kicked the habit. Other famous users include former tennis star Andre Agassi, who said he tried it at a low point in his life, and actor Robert Downey Jr, who battled numerous drug addictions over the years.

As well as the exhilarating high, the drug has serious side effects, which can include psychosis, heart toxicity, organ failure and death. Pictures of meth users over a period of time released by U.S. authorities show the devastating effect it has on those who become addicted. 

Crystal meth has exploded in popularity in countries including the U.S., Australia and parts of Eastern Europe, leading to serious problems including an increase in crime rates.

While it has not been as prevalent in Ireland as other countries, there have been a number of seizures of the drugs in this country in recent times.

Anti-drug campaigners have warned in recent years that the drug is becoming more popular in this country.

In a case unrelated to the Clondalkin seizure, two men appeared in court in Kerry earlier this week after crystal meth valued at €26,000 had been sent through the post.