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High prices on the heads of top Hutch associates

Gerry 'The Monk' Hutch
Gerry 'The Monk' Hutch

PATSY Hutch (55) is consid­ered the top Dublin-based target for the cartel, as ‘The Monk’ is now based in Eu­rope over fears for his life in the capital.

He has survived at least two hit attempts by the Kinahan cartel in the past 18 months and, as a result, his home is watched 24 hours a day by gardai.

His son, Gary Hutch (34), was shot dead by the Kinahans in southern Spain in September 2015, the first murder of the Hutch/ Kinahan feud that has so far claimed 12 lives.

Another son, Derek ‘Del Boy’ Hutch (30), is serving a 10-year prison sentence for manslaughter, alongside a 16-year term for co-ordinat­ing a robbery attempt.

“Patsy is a major target for the Kinahans. They see him as their number one Dublin-based target with Gerry out of the country,” a source told the Herald re­cently. “But anyone looking to take him out faces a diffi­cult task as he is so closely monitored by gardai.”

Last July, Patsy Hutch sur­vived an assassination bid when a gunman on a bicycle approached his house but failed to attack his target.


JAMES ‘Mago’ Gately has a €75,000 price on his head.

Gately survived being shot five times in May, thanks mainly to the fact that he was wearing a bul­letproof vest. He was hit in the jaw with one bullet, which was removed.

He vowed to “not go down without a fight” from his hospital bed and is believed to be spend­ing time in Dublin and Northern Ireland.

Gately’s loyalty to the Hutch faction led to him becoming one of the Kinahan cartel’s top targets. He is understood to have once been on friendly terms with Daniel Kinahan through his life-long friendship with Gary Hutch, who was mur­dered in a double-cross in September 2015.


KEITH Murtagh (33) has a price of around €25k on his head. Murtagh was a close associate of Gary Hutch, like his friend Mago Gately.

Murtagh was targeted by the cartel on Sheriff Street in 2016, in an incident where the gunman shot 24-year-old Martin O’Rourke – an in­nocent father-of-three who had no involvement in or­ganised crime – in a case of mistaken identity. Murtagh, a convicted armed robber, was targeted because of his association with members of the Hutch gang.


DEREK ‘Del Boy’ Hutch has a €50k price on his head. “Del Boy” (30) is serving a 10-year prison sentence for manslaughter, alongside a 16-year term for coordi­nating a robbery attempt. He is Patsy Hutch’s son and the brother of slain mobster Gary Hutch.

BROTHERS Ross, Eddie Jnr and Alan Hutch are all targets, and it is believed anyone who would kill them would be paid in the region of €10k. Ross and Alan are currently in Wheatfield Pris­on and, just last week, Ross (24) and his older brother Alan (33) got into a fight during a joint visit, resulting in Ross ending up in hospital with a broken nose after Alan head-butted him.

Their father, the Monk’s brother Eddie Snr, was gunned down in retalia­tion for the Regency Hotel murder of David Byrne in February 2016.

The Kinahan cartel has tasked a well-known Dublin hitman with taking out Gerry ‘The Monk’ Hutch. The veteran criminal (54) has been on the run from the cartel since his brother Eddie’s brutal murder in Febru­ary 2016, and has only returned to Ireland a handful of times since.

The hitman, who is the main suspect in at least five murders, including three cartel hits, is paid a weekly retainer of €10,000 to be ready to shoot ‘The Monk’ if he is located.

Hutch is believed to be spending his time moving between Turkey, Holland and the UK, and the man tasked with killing him has bases in the UK and Holland.

The price on his head is astronomical, with the cartel willing to pay up to €250,000 for his murder.