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VIDEO: Heated scenes as armed males surround axe-wielding man in Tallaght estate

Screen grab from the video
Screen grab from the video

A campaign of intimidation came to a head in Tallaght yesterday when a group of males pursued a man home, armed with bats and crowbars.

But, the would-be victim didn’t hesitate to defend himself and armed with a hatchet he stood up to the gang.

Stephen (21) spoke exclusively to about the anti-social problems in his area and why he was forced to face up to a gang of youths.

“There’s only one road to get in and one road out of my estate and this gang would normally stand there and stare at us as we drive past.

“But this time one of the lads came up to the car with his arms outstretched as if he wanted to have a fight with me.

“I know what these lads are like and if you let them they’ll walk all over you they will, so I told them where they could go.

“Later that day I went up to the shop and a young lad on a bike asked me what I said to his mate, so I told him ‘one of your mates is threatening me and if he wants to fight we’ll fight’.

“I told them ‘we can do it without weapons, come down on your own and we’ll sort it from there.

“Then a gang arrived down to my house claiming that I went to their mam’s house and threatened her with a hatchet, which is rubbish.

The video, which was originally posted on Facebook was captioned:

"Video of me holding my own vs a gang of absolute scumbags who tried to jump me with weapons.

"Nearly all of them had a weapon on them if you look carefully, crowbars, hammers etc, yet none of them had the balls to hit me. "

“I’m sick of these gangs in my area, my brother had a knife pulled on him and I had to drop out of school because of harassment and intimidation," Stephen said

“I guarantee this gang will do something else, they’re known in the area.

"Scumbags like this, I know them too well, you need to put them in their place, you need to fight back."