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“He is lucky to be alive. It was an attempt to kill, not to maim”

Attack: Vinny Ryan was knifed at the Rotunda Hospital
Attack: Vinny Ryan was knifed at the Rotunda Hospital

THE brother of Alan Ryan was slashed in the jaw as he left the Rotunda Hospital with his heavily pregnant girlfriend, the Sunday World can reveal.

Vinnie Ryan (25), was knifed as he left the city centre maternity hospital to put money in a parking meter on Thursday afternoon.
However, an assailant – who was lying in wait for him – attacked him from behind and attempted to cut his throat as he left the hospital on Parnell Street.
A source has claimed that Ryan managed to swerve out of the way and was slashed in the jaw instead .
“He is lucky to be alive. It was an attempt to kill, not to maim,” a source said.
Ryan remained in the Mater Hospital until Saturday where he was being treated for serious facial wounds. Nobody has been arrested for the attack, but detectives believe Ryan was a target for both rival dissident republicans and organised crime gangs.
Following the savage attack, a statement purporting to be from the newly reformed RIRA said there will be all-out war on the streets of the capital.
It read: “The recent knife attack on a well known republican has sparked outrage among the newly reformed RIRA in Dublin.
“The RIRA have sworn to paint the streets red with the blood of the crime gang that attacked and nearly killed this well known republican. 
“They have also sworn to flush out members of the so called new IRA that have been passing information onto this crime gang about republicans.”
Gardaí have been reviewing the security threat to Ryan on a month-by-month basis and the latest review found the threat to his life remained active. 
Ryan, who works as a barber, remains close to associates including brothers Dean and Darragh Evans, Derek Nolan and Aaron Nealis, who have all come under threat from the north Dublin same gang who murdered Alan Ryan.
However, Gardaí have also warned members of the gang responsible for Ryan’s murder of threats to their lives from dissident republicans. The Real IRA had amalgamated with other republican groups to form the New IRA in the year before Alan Ryan’s death. 
However, a power struggle took place in Dublin following Ryan’s murder which led to several of his close associates being booted out of the organisation. 
‘Fat Deccy’ Smith and Nathan Kinsella were both shot in punishment attacks by the new leadership of the organisation. Smith was later shot dead by a criminal gang. 
Kinsella was recently released from prison after serving a sentence for IRA membership. Despite being booted out of the New IRA he still remains in contact with other members of Ryan’s inner circle. 
The statement released on Friday suggests a group has now broken away from the New IRA and reformed the Real IRA. It said the RIRA has sworn to flush out members of the New IRA who they accused of passing information on to Mr Big’s crime gang about other republicans. 
“Republican groups up and down the country have lost total confidence in the New IRA because of there (sic) links to criminality and there (sic) utter cowardly failure to address to murder of republican Alan Ryan.”
It went on to claim the group had stockpiled weapons and intended to use them to target the crime gang run by Dublin’s Mr Big. 
The authenticity of the statement could not be verified, but security sources confirmed there has been major infighting within dissident republican groups since Ryan’s death.
As it stands there are several armed republican groups operating under various monikers – including the New IRA, the INLA, two separate Continuity IRAs and óglaigh na héireann. 
Many groups accuse other republican groups of being criminals masquerading as republicans.
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