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Grisly eyewitness details from today’s gangland murder

Grisly eyewitness details from today’s gangland murder

The son of Gerry ‘The Monk’ Hutch’s older brother Johnny (65) was violently gunned down in a gangland attack, earlier today.

35-year-old Gareth Hutch was blasted up to six times in the head and chest by two gunmen.

“He was riddled with bullets from both gunmen, he never stood a chance,” a source said. “We have no doubt this murder is linked to the feud.”

One of the shooters is reported to have had a silencer attached to his pistol while the other may have had a silver gun.

Gardai will be hoping for an early arrest after the killers’ getaway bid was severely hampered when the BMW car they attempted to flee in failed to start.

They left the scene on foot and another silver car collected them nearby.

A shocked 29-year-old local man at the scene of this morning’s shooting said:

“It was terrible. I felt his pulse but he was dead.

“A few of us were standing across the road when it happened. He had been getting into a car when he was shot.

“The two men ran up. One had a mask and one had a red scarf. I heard about three shots. They were using a silencer. I think the gun was left on the road.

“I was standing there looking at it. I couldn’t believe it. He was hit in the head and in the chest. I went over to him but he was dead. Gone.

“Another fellow went to check his pulse but he was gone. It was horrible,” he said.

Another man who saw it said: “The driver panicked. He was the shooter. He couldn’t start the BMW. It started up twice but it cut out.”

A 51-year-old local man added: “The gunmen stayed around for three or four minutes after they shot him.”

The Kinahan mob are the chief suspects for the killing.

The murder of Gareth Hutch, brings to five the number of Hutch associates killing in the ongoing feud with the Kinahan cartel.

They include Gary Hutch, Eddie Hutch Snr, Noel Duggan and Michael Barr. Innocent victim Martin O’Rourke was shot dead in a botched hit on another Hutch-linked criminal.

Gareth Hutch was previously cleared of attempted robbery charges related to an incident when criminal Gareth Molloy (27) was shot dead by a member of the Garda Emergency Response Unit (ERU) during a raid by a gang on a security van delivering cash to a supermarket in Lucan in May 2009.

The raiders were holding a sawn-off shotgun at a cash van worker’s head and demanding cash when gardai struck.

That busted cash-in-transit gang who have close links to the Hutch mob included convicted killer Derek ‘Del Boy’ Hutch (31) who was later given five years in jail for co-ordinating the botched cash van raid.

Another accused, Keith Murtagh (32) of Lower Sheriff Street, was jailed for eight years in July 2010. He was injured during the shootout with gardai in Lucan.

Murtagh has since been released and has survived two assassination attempts with the cartel including on Saturday morning in the Cherry Orchard area of Ballyfermot and last month in Sheriff Street when innocent victim Martin O’ Rourke (24) was shot in a case of mistaken identity.