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Grisly details of addict’s death revealed

Gardai searching canal in Kildare
Gardai searching canal in Kildare

Missing Barry Corcoran was shot twice in the head, dismembered and his remains buried in separate graves in the Wicklow mountains, Gardaí have been told.

Officers are trying to establish any links between his disappearance and the discovery of the body of Kenneth O’Brien, which was dismembered and dumped in two separate locations in the canal.

Confidential information passed on to officers is also believed to allege that Corcoran was kidnapped six months before he vanished and tortured by thugs working for a veteran criminal collecting debts for a west Dublin drug gang.

Barry Corcoran

Father-of-one Barry, who struggled with drug addiction, was locked in a container with another Wicklow man and wrapped in barbed wire before the two were tortured over three days.

Between them, the pair were believed to have amassed debts of almost €30,000 and their ordeal only ended when a relative of the second man handed over €10,000 to the gang.

Gardaí have been told that Barry, who lived from dole cheque to dole cheque, agreed to work off his part of the debt by dealing for the gang, but that he fell foul of them last summer after a drinking session.

It is understood that Gardaí have been told that Corcoran was shot twice in the head, dismembered and his body wrapped tightly in plastic and duct tape before it was buried in two separate locations in the Wicklow hills.

The grisly details of the information, which has been given confidentially to Gardaí, bears striking similarities to the recent murder of Mr O’Brien and officers are trying to establish if there are any links between the pair.

Mr O’Brien, a father of one from Clondalkin, was shot in the head and then dismembered before his body was dumped in the canal in two different locations in Kildare.

When the torso of Mr O’Brien was first discovered at Ardclough in a suitcase more than two weeks ago, it was initially thought that the remains were those of Mr Corcoran, who has not been seen since July last year.

Kenneth O'Brien

A month later, officers searched an area of Bawnogue in Dublin following tip-offs from the public, but the confidential source says that information they have received suggests his body is in two shallow graves in Wicklow.

The dad was last seen on the Cremona Road in Ballyfermot on the night of Monday, July 6.

He had been drinking for the day and had visited a local shop. It has been alleged that he then went to a house in the Clondalkin area, where the source says he was shot in the head and dismembered in an outside shed before his body was packaged up and dumped.

It is understood that Gardaí have been probing links between Mr Corcoran and associates of the powerful D22 gang led by psycho killer Karl Breen.

Karl Breen

Breen, dubbed ‘the Champagne Killer’, was found dead last February after being released from prison for the manslaughter of his friend during a New Year celebration in a hotel.

Breen was just 27 when he was jailed for the murder of his friend Martin McLoughlin, but even then was leading a gang of ruthless thugs, many of whom have re-established themselves as major players in the Clondalkin territory.

Sources say that Corcoran was an addict with a heart of gold who fought hard with his demons.

“He was a gentle soul who was never the type to rob an old lady. In fact, he would be first to help to offer their shopping,” said a source.

“He hadn’t a bad bone in his body. He fought his addiction and he adored his little girl and tried really hard to stay off them for her,” a close friend said.

“Barry never had a penny. He lived from week to week on his dole. We were all surprised he was allowed build up such a debt because anyone who knew him would know he could never even hope to pay that back.”

It is understood that most of the information Gardaí have received has come through the Garda Confidential Line by friends and associates too frightened to give information in person.