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Report: Graham Dwyer's sick web sex fantasies

Graham Dwyer
Graham Dwyer

It has been claimed that convicted killer of Elaine O'Hara posted about his sadistic desires over a decade ago, prompting an expert to suggest Dwyer may be a serial killer.

The Star obtained messages they claim were posted by Dwyer between 2003 and 2003 on a sex website.

The messages reveal that Dwyer had long held sick desires towards women, with an interest in rape, bondage and finding prostitutes who could help him fulfil these wishes.

In April 2003 it is claimed Dwyer asked other users on the site if they could knew any escorts who would agree to his requests.

"I am looking for an escort who would be willing to play out my fantasy. I would like to have her tied up loosely and pretend to rape her vaginally or preferably anally - all safe, no pain - while she struggles and cries for help."

"I know this is a strange request but I am willing to pay."

In 2002 it is claimed he also requested help from other users asking "Does anyone know of any expert submissives who are into bondage and playrape?"

During his trial for the murder of Elaine O'Hara the prosecution would produce video evidence of Dwyer having pretending to stab women during sex, including O'Hara, while they were tied up.

Also in 2002 it is claimed he boasted on the site about his sexual encounters with two different prostitutes.

"I had sex with two girls in the same week. First was Mayleen, €250 for an hour. She was very beautiful, has a great Asian body, and is nice and gentle. It was a very erotic experience in a nice aprtment near Christchurch."

He then added: "Three days later I tried Foxey Asley, in a posh hotel in Dublin 4. Half an hor for €100. It was absolutely identical to Mayleen but Asley is much tougher and and in control, more businesslike.

"So I am €400 lighter but worth every penny, amazing erotic memories that I can call on from time to time."

He goes on: "The next thing I want to try is safe forced rape simulation. Does anyone know who can sort me out. I will pay!"

The Star quotes criminalogist and forensic psychologist John O'Keeffe who says the language used by Dwyer is typical of multiple sex killers.

He says the messages suggest that the 'try out' period of the sexual murderer are almost certainly at an end and that the killer is then close to engaging in their first murder.

While he could not rule it out, O'Keeffe says it is 'very unlikely' that Dwyer waited 10 years from the date of these messages to the murder of O'Hara in August 2012 to 'take his first life'.

Dwyer, 43, was jailed for life in March for O'Hara's murder and he is currently in the Midlands Prison in Laois.