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US witness tells court she met Graham Dwyer online and discussed knife fantasies

Darci Day
Darci Day
Graham Dwyer
Graham Dwyer
Elaine O'Hara
Elaine O'Hara

An American woman told a court yesterday that Graham Dwyer planned to ‘go after’ her once he had killed Elaine O’Hara and had even researched body disposal sites in her native Maine.

Darci Day struggled to hold her composure as she gave her evidence via a video link from the US telling his trial that he wanted to ‘cut her throat’ during sex.

Graham Dwyer had denied murdering Elaine O’Hara whose remains were found in Killakee in September 2013.

In the sixth week of the trial Darci Day gave some of the most sensational evidence to date when she was beamed into the courtroom from across the Atlantic yesterday afternoon.

In emotionally charged evidence she said she was ‘so sorry’ and was ‘praying’ for the O’Hara and Dwyer families.

The young woman said she met Dwyer on-line and discussed her suicidal fantasies with him. Blonde and attractive she held her head in her hands as she described how she had suffered from depression, had been sexually abused and was struggling with suicide and self-harm issues when she first encountered Graham Dwyer on a fetish website.

‘Cassie’ was the name she used when she communicated with people about her fantasies which centred on her own death.

She told the murder trial of Graham Dwyer over the screens in Court 13 that she had used the address [email protected] and had communicated with the architect mainly on e-mail but also on text.

“A lot of discussion was centred on fantasies. I unloaded a lot of stuff on him….how I felt I had failed my family. I discussed ending my life…. I needed someone to talk to and he was there. He offered me a solution.”

She said her fantasies were mainly ‘rape and murder’ and alleged that she and Dwyer had swopped videos involving strangulation and murder as well as pictures and diagrams ‘where all the arteries are and stuff.’

Darci said that she knew Graham Dwyer had a wife and that he liked planes – which she took to be real planes and not the model ones.

“Did he mention anyone by name,” Sean Guerin SC for the Prosecution asked her.

“Yes. He did. He mentioned Elaine O’Hara…I knew they had an intimate relationship. He told me she was similar to me and that she was suicidal,” she said into her microphone.

Under questioning she said that Dwyer told her that he ‘used to cut’ Elaine in ‘the stomach area and stuff.’ And she added that it was a mutual and sexual thing they did involving bondage.

“He told you she was like you?” asked Guerin SC.

“..That she had asked him, I believe, to kill her in the past.”

Becoming increasingly upset as her testimony continued, Ms Day, told the court that Mr Dwyer’s specific fantasy was ‘basically wanting to stab a woman to death during sex.’

“He basically wanted to go after her… and then go after me.”

She also agreed with Mr Guerin that Dwyer had been looking ‘at places in Maine for disposal sites.’  As she broke down again and again she told the court that he wanted to fly to Maine “and have sex and then cut my throat until I lost consciousness….during intercourse.”

She described how Dwyer described how he ‘wanted to come after her, if she wanted it…to go after her and then me.”

She said she had discussed meeting him and part of the ‘fantasy’ was that he could show up at any time.

Ms Day then told the court that she had turned her life around. “I have my life to Christ completely. I turned my life around. I never felt peace like that. ….I got out and turned to the lord and bible studies and friends. I have an amazing support system.”

Under cross examination she admitted that she had got rid of all her e-mails when she turned her life around. She said she never believed Mr Dwyer was serious.

“If I had any idea he was serious I would have done something. I would have reported it,” she said.

She admitted she had spoken to other men and said that when she wanted to break off contact with Mr Dwyer he was ‘very respectful.’

Ms Day gave a statement to US police in April 2014 in relation to her on-line contact with Mr Dwyer and in July 2014, Gardai travelled to Maine to meet with her.

She admitted she had googled the case and that she had originally told Gardai that the ‘fantasy’ discussed with Dwyer was for him to pick her up from her home later saying that the pick up was to be at a ‘remote location.’

“I have been in such shock since, every day. I still am really. I don’t know what to say. I don’t know how to help you.”

She said she couldn’t recall sending Dwyer a picture of herself for him photo-shop with stab wounds.

After a short break so she could regain her composure the witness admitted she had posted a video on You Tube before giving her evidence.

After she returned she said: “I am so sorry …I feel so terrible… I am so sorry. I am praying for Elaine and her family and for Graham and his family….I am sorry about this whole thing.”

The trial continues.