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Graham Dwyer to work in computer room on prison lag mag

Graham Dwyer
Graham Dwyer

S&M killer Graham Dwyer will spend his life sentence working in the Midland’s Prison’s computer shop, helping to print the jail magazine.

The Star reports that the 42-year-old sex killer needed a job where he would be safe from other inmates.

“He’s been appointed to work in the prison’s computer shop where they work on the prison magazine that is distributed to all the prisons around the country,” a source told The Star.

“Inmates in there would usually have a degree of experience and expertise with computers and given his past you could definitely say that about him”.

Dwyer is being held on the prison’s E 3 wing, which also houses the vile Athlone rapist who is serving life for the horrific attack on two little girls in 2013.

The source revealed that Dwyer is in “good spirits” behind bars.

“He’s keeping his head down but he’ll have got what he wanted in being appointed to work in the computer shop.

“There’s no internet access but he can work on the machines – but he’ll be watched like a hawk given his history with computers.

It was revealed in court that Dwyer, who is yet to file an appeal against his conviction, kept violent sex films on a password protected part of his home computer and personal hard drive.