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Graham Dwyer talking to himself in prison

Prisoner 88335
Prisoner 88335

Perverted S&M killer Graham Dwyer has become agitated and has started talking “gibberish” to himself in prison, reports The Star.

Dwyer, who was found guilty of murdering childcare worker Elaine O’Hara for his own sexual gratification, is set to be formally sentenced to life on Monday.

Prison sources believe that the reality of his situation has finally hit home and he is struggling to deal with it.

“There is no doubt that the conviction has affected him badly,” a source told The Star last night.

“The deterioration has been extremely noticeable. He has started talking to himself.

“But it is more gibberish than actual sentences. He is not doing well.”

Graham Dwyer believed, up until the final day of his trial, that he would be acquitted, telling prison officers that he would be enjoying a meal in a restaurant after his trial. 

“It must be that he realises the mess he is in now,” reports prison sources.

A victim impact statement is expected to be read to the court by Elaine O’Hara’s father Frank on Monday.