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Graham Dwyer sends lists of demands to prison bosses and plans to study doctorate behind bars

Crime DeskBy Morgan Flanagan Creagh
Victoria Andreenkova and Graham Dwyer
Victoria Andreenkova and Graham Dwyer

Perverted killer Graham Dwyer is planning to study for his doctorate while behind bars, at the taxpayers’ expense.

It has also been revealed that Dwyer also has access to his own laptop and enjoys a private cell with a personal shower while in Portlaoise Prison.

Reports in today’s Star reveal that Dwyer sent a letter to prison bosses moaning about his girlfriend being banned from visiting him.

It reads: "I am writing to complain about a recent decision to ban my girlfriend, Ms Victoria Andreenkova, from visiting me in prison.

Victoria Andreenkova

"This is a breach of my rights, prison rules and policy, and I am formally requesting that the office of the Inspector of Prisons investigate this decision."

Further on in the letter, Dwyer reportedly writes: "I have a model prisoner record and this is the very first complaint I have made.

"I would like to perhaps, one day, upgrade my level 9 qualifications to level 10."

In the note, Dwyer reportedly calls for a swift resolution to his issue.

It says: "I would be keen to resolve the issue without resorting to legal action as it would no doubt attract further adverse publicity and unnecessary cost.

"I am currently involved in four separate legal actions and do not need the additional stress of a fifth."

The ban on Ms Andreenkova visiting was lifted soon after the letter was sent. However, she hasn’t been to see Dwyer recently as they are currently ‘taking a break’ while she thinks about her situation.

Last week, she told 96fm’s Opinion Line that the ‘spark is off’ in their relationship.

“We didn't see each other for six weeks and the spark is a bit off actually. I don't know how we should progress further with this," she said.

"I haven't really told him that. I don't want to hurt his feelings.

"I do feel a bit left out of the whole thing. I feel very hurt by everything," she said.

Dwyer is serving a life sentence in prison after he was convicted in March of the murder of childcare worker Elaine O'Hara on August 22, 2012.