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John Gilligan holds crime summit with old pal after 'begging' Kinahan mob for return

John Gilligan
John Gilligan

AGEING gangster John Gil­ligan met up with his former associate Troy Jordan in a crime summit following his return from hiding in the UK.

The Sunday World can also re­veal that the pint-sized thug, who returned to Ireland just over a week ago, contacted Daniel Kina­han through a third party and asked for permission to return to Ireland after burning his bridges in the UK.

Gilligan (64), who fled Ireland after surviving a gun attack by a Kinahan car­tel hitman in 2014, travelled to a service station cafe near Dundalk last weekend. He spoke to Jordan at length and was accompanied by three criminal figures from Northern Ireland. Two of the men are from Belfast and one is from Newry.

Jordan and Gilligan later left in the same car and were briefly stopped by gardai who have been keeping a close eye on Gilligan since his return to Ireland.

Gilligan and Jordan go back years in the criminal fraternity.

Troy Jordan

During Geraldine Gilligan's unsuc­cessful legal battle with CAB over Jess­brook, she told the High Court that her only income was €5,000 a year she received from Jordan "for grass".

Jordan, like Gilligan, has spent signifi­cant time the UK in recent years. Sources say that he is mostly based in the UK but makes regular return visits to Ireland. He has links across the criminal fraternity and is also close to mem­bers of the INLA.

Jordan was one of the first people Gilligan contacted when he was released from prison in 2013. It is believed he asked his former pal for cash.

But Gilligan fled the country after being shot in a gun attack carried out by a north Dublin hit­man linked to the Kina­han cartel at his brother Thomas' house on March 1, 2014.

The hitman is also a sus­pect in the recent murder of Eddie Hutch.

While Gilligan was recovering from his in­juries in hospi­tal, his close pal Dougie Mo­ran was shot dead in Lucan.

Gil­ligan was be­lieved to have been based in Birmingham since flee­ing Ireland but was also spotted in Alicante in Spain where his daughter Tracey was based.

It is believed that Gilli­gan had a dispute with a traveller gang in the UK which prompted his return to Ireland.

A source said: "He burnt his bridges in the UK. Why do something right when you can do it wrong."

The source added that Gilligan begged for per­mission from the Kina­han cartel to return to Ireland.

"He contacted Dan­iel Kinahan through an intermediary and asked for permission to come back. He got the go-ahead but he's deluding himself if he thinks that means anything."

Daniel Kinahan

Gilligan had a drinking session on Thursday to mark the birthday of his brother Bernard who died in Oc­tober 2014.

Gilligan was too fright­ened to return to Ireland for the funeral but made up for it on Thursday.

"He went on the lash and had a big celebra­tion," said a source.

Gilligan was also spot­ted meeting associates in Dublin the day after Noel 'Kingsize' Duggan was shot dead in Ratoath, last Wednesday week.

There was no love lost between Gilligan and Kingsize. The cigarette smuggler publicly brand­ed Gilligan a "rat" in an interview with the Sunday World following the hit at­tempt on Gilligan in 2014.

Despite the obvious an­imosity between the pair, they were both believed to have been targeted by hitmen linked to the Kinahan cartel.

Gilligan is obviously confident now he won't be targeted again but securi­ty sources aren't so sure.

"There's no such thing as safe passage in gang­land," said a source.