August 17th, 2017

Gallery: Gardai stage dramatic recreation of major incident

Crime DeskBy Sunday World

The gardai took part in a joint training exercise with the Drogheda Port Company this morning to simulate the required response to a major emergency at the docks.

The focus of the garda exercises shown in the above gallery was to simulate a major emergency which would require responses from local gardai, strategic and operational command personnel, the ERU (Emergency Response Unit), RSU (Regional Support Unit), garda Water Unit, Air Support Unit and staff from Drogheda Port Company.

The learning exercise was designed to test and enhance the strategic and operational capabilities of all stakeholders and learn from issues that arose on the day.

Two scenarios were played out by gardai at Drogheda Port today:

Scenario 1:

A vessel is detected interacting suspiciously with an unregistered fishing vessel. This vessel travels towards Drogheda Port and An Garda Síochána are required to intercept the vessel. The ERU are tasked with boarding the vessel and this is achieved with the assistance of the Water Unit.

Scenario 2:

A suspect acting suspiciously on the dock witnesses the ERU board the vessel and decides to take refuge in a warehouse. He has a firearm and brings two hostages into the warehouse with him. The warehouse will eventually be assaulted due to circumstances which will arise during the exercise.