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Gardai recover stolen vehicles worth €1million

The car that took the Gardai past the €1m mark
The car that took the Gardai past the €1m mark

Gardai have recovered 91 cars stolen for export this year, with a toal value of €1million.

The news came as Gardai announced the recovery of the Audi in the main image above, the 91st car of the year they have recovered.

In a statement on their Facebook page, Gardai explained the types of cars the discovered before they could shipped out of Ireland for resale.

These vehicles varied from a brand new Range Rover, Mercedes E-Class, BMW 3/5series, Audi A4 and A6 models. Other recoveries included Nissan Qashqai's, Volkswagen Golfs and other family cars. Motorcyles and commercial vehicles have also been found.

Cloned vehicles including an Audi Q7 and Toyota Avensis D-Cat were recovered before they could be exported.

Dismantled Audi Q5, BMW 3 series and a 2015 VW Golf along with other vehicles were discovered in an articulated trailer also destined for export.

Gardai believe that the cars were taken during burglaries or that the keys had been 'fished' from homes via a magnetic pole through the letterbox.

Gardai also posted images of some of the vehicles recovered.

The operation also targeted uninsured and overloaded vehicles arriving at Dublin Port and they detained over 60 vehicles this year, resulting in a number of disqualifications.