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Gardai on high-alert as heartbroken family members gather at Hutch grave

Gardai on high-alert as heartbroken family members gather at Hutch grave

A heartbroken teenage girl blows a kiss at Gary Hutch’s grave during a visit on Saturday to mark the first anniversary of the mobster’s death.

Throughout the day, around half a dozen members of the Hutch family came to pay tribute to the inner-city criminal at his final resting place in Glasnevin Cemetery.

However, none of his relatives who have formally been warned their lives are in danger by Gardaí from the Kinahan Cartel made an appearance.

In a memorial published in The Herald, Gary Hutch’s parents, Kay and Patsy, described the devastation left by his death in a short poem.

“This pain that we are feeling is something we have never seen... We know you would have called for us, in your hour of need, and that’s what hurts us more Gary, our hearts will forever bleed.”

Over the weekend, Gardaí were on high alert to avert any further bloodshed in the Hutch-Kinahan feud, as the family marked the anniversary.

Officers and members of the Hutch family believed to be key targets for the Kinahan mob were liaising closely with Gardaí ahead of Sunday’s commemoration.

Many have almost full-time protection from officers as the north inner city is flooded with gardaí.

Today the Sunday World reveals how members of the Hutch family are living a nightmare under the constant threat of a bullet.

In an interview, Eddie Hutch Jnr tells how his life and that of his uncle, the veteran criminal Gerry ‘the Monk’ Hutch, has changed forever.

And we detail how children living in the area are being drawn into gangs for protection on the streets.

This week has been one of the most tense since the immediate aftermath of the Regency Hotel shooting, when a four-man hit team crossed through a Garda lockdown and murdered Eddie Hutch Snr.

Since then, Kinahan shooters have tried to kill the Monk’s other brothers Johnny and Patsy on a number of occasions.

Patsy and Kay have remained holed up in their Champions Avenue home. It is understood that the Monk’s closest brother and father of Gary has cheated death a number of times. Officers believe that there was a plot to kill him at the same time as his son last September, but he made a last minute trip to the U.K., thwarting the plans.

It is also understood that a second plot to kill him earlier this year was also averted.

Over the past few weeks Gardaí carried out a security review on Gary’s grave in Glasnevin and advised his family that they could be targets there.

Meanwhile, the Monk has remained in exile as officers fear he is plotting revenge for the massacre of his clan.

Three key hitmen, linked to the Hutch side, still remain at large. One who was released from jail recently has not moved back to his home, while a second – believed to have been the shooter at the Regency – has also gone to ground. A third enforcer on the Hutch side is understood to be still in the Dublin area.

Meanwhile, the widow of feud victim Daithí Douglas is set to shut her south inner city shop, where her husband was murdered last July.

Friends say that Yumei Douglas is heartbroken since the shooting of her husband outside the shop on Bridgefoot Street and is planning to shut it up after Christmas.

Yumei, who is originally from China, was working when Daithí was gunned down in broad daylight on July 1.

He had previously survived a shooting attempt and it is understood that he had been told by associates of the Kinahan gang that he was no longer a target.