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Gardai monitoring wives, girlfriends and mothers of rival gangs as bloody feud continues

Eddie Hutch's body is removed from his home
Eddie Hutch's body is removed from his home

The authorities fear that the recent outbreak of gangland killing in Dublin could lead to the partners and mothers of criminals being targeted.

Sources told the Sun that the brutal murder of Eddie Hutch, the taxi driver brother of Gerry ‘The Monk’ Hutch, on Monday means that any family member or loved one in the gang’s ranks could be at risk. 

Eddie, who was considered a "soft target", was shot dead in revenge for Friday's murder of David Byrne in Drumcondra's Regency Hotel - an attack he had no involvement in.

Eddie Hutch

A source told the paper: “The concern is that the partners, mums and other innocent relatives will be dragged into this and this could affect dozens of other people.

“This feud is personal now and it’s not about power or money.

The Hutch gang will be baying for blood, it’s open season now on everyone connected to the gang."

However, the source also claimed that the murder of Eddie Hutch wasn’t ordered by the Kinahan crime cartel.

“The murder of Eddie Hutch probably wasn’t sanctioned by the Kinahan leadership and was committed by close associates of David Byrne who wanted revenge for his killing.”

The Gardai’s Crime and Security Unit has put together a list of both innocent relatives and known associates of each criminal gang.

Gards fear that anyone on the list could be made a target in this latest gangland feud.