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Gardai fear Dublin suburb may become 'no-go area'

'No-go area': Ballyfermot
'No-go area': Ballyfermot

Gardai fear one of the capital's crime black spots will become a 'no-go area' after extra patrols were refused.

Officers in West Dublin fear they are becoming increasingly vulnerable during patrols in the suburb of Ballyfermot.

A number of incidents in the last several months have sparked concern among officers who are worried they do not have adequate back-up if an incident was to occur. 

Speaking to the Irish Mirror, a source said gardai are worried they will likely not have immediate back-up if they were to be attacked. 

"These toerags know there's no more gardai that will be able to come if there's an incident. There's nothing they can do."

At the beginning of the month a member of the force suffered a broken jaw during an attack while on patrol. The officer and a colleague were set upon after approaching youths on a scrambler on Landen Road.

Both male gardai were rushed to St James’s Hospital following the incident.

One had suffered a broken nose and was released while the other underwent surgery for a broken jaw. 

Last week, a garda patrol unit was attacked with bricks and bottles after being ambushed by a large mob in the Cherry Orchard area of Ballyfermot.

The incident occurred at the officers pursued a stolen Mercedes vehicle one night.

ardai chased the silver vehicle after seeing it speeding along Cherry Orchard Avenue at approximately 11.50pm.

As the car continued to speed through the estate, a large group began to gather nearby.

The stolen Mercedes then turned into a cul-de-sac where the group proceeded to block off the road with a number of large pallets.

The mob then ambushed the patrol car, which had become trapped in the estate, launching a number of missiles, including bricks and glass bottles.

A substantial amount of damage was caused to the garda car, including a smashed rear window, although neither of the officers were injured during the incident.

Gardai eventually managed to retreat from the scene and subsequently seized the stolen Mercedes, which had been abandoned nearby.

A source told the publication that there have been too many attacks on gardai in the past few months. 

"Many patrols don't wish to go near these areas at night and they're right. Local gardai are fearing for their lives when they go there."

In another incident in recent weeks two gardai were hospitalised after their vehicle was rammed by several males in a stolen car. 

Local officers fear some areas in the suburb may now become no-go areas due to the lack of resources.