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Garda killer violently assaulted girlfriend before brutal murder suicide

Adrian Crevan Mackin
Adrian Crevan Mackin

Garda killer Adrian Crevan Mackin had violently assaulted his partner Siobhan Philips just two nights before he murdered Garda Tony Golden.

Less than an hour before she was shot, Siobhan Phillips had told Gda Golden at her local station in Omeath, Co Louth, how she had been physically assaulted on Friday night.

As a result of the incident on Friday, she had left the house at Mullach Alainn in Omeath, and returned to her family home in Blackrock, outside Dundalk.

Siobhan made a written complaint about the assault to Gda Golden, who was alone in the station at the time.

After the complaint was completed, Garda Golden accompanied Siobhan and her father to Mullach Alainn at around 6pm to ensure she was not physically attacked again while she collected her clothes and a few belongings from the house.

Siobhan’s dad stayed in the car, which was parked just outside the house, while Garda Golden accompanied Siobhan into the building.

Siobhan walked upstairs to collect her clothes from her bedroom.

That is where she was confronted by Mackin, who was wielding an illegally held handgun.

She was shot in the head and fell to the ground.

Garda Golden ran to climb up the stairs after hearing the shooting.

But he was shot fatally by the suspected terrorist as he made his way to the steps.

Mackin then shot himself.

Siobhan’s brother took to Facebook to tell friends how he felt heartbroken for the family of Garda Golden.

"Never in all my life thought anything like this would ever happen to my wee sis. Please god help her get through this. Keep fighting and stay strong Siobhan we all love you and are all praying for you," he said.

"To think what that sick b*****d did to you and the poor gard only doing his job. May he rest in peace. Heart is broke for his young family only knows what they are going through."