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Gangster's girls who paid a high price for their love affairs

Ciara Killeen
Ciara Killeen

THEY were the gangsters’ molls who hoped for a champagne lifestyle fuelled by the proceeds of their partners’ crimes but they never dreamt they’d end up behind bars as a result.

While they might have been concerned that their partner would end up jailed, they never envisaged being slowly sucked into criminality themselves.

Deirdre Moran found out to her cost that going out with a gangster wasn’t as glamorous as she thought.

Deirdre Moran

She had an on-off relationship with Sligo gangster Patrick Irwin for years, saying she was attracted by the money.

“There’s a lot of money to be made in it. There’s money getting thrown at you,” she said in an interview with RTE.

However, in 2008 she was asked to collect a package from Eamon Dunne’s gang in Dublin and transport it to Irwin’s gang in Sligo.

Gardai pulled her over as she made her way back and discovered a revolver.

Moran was sentenced to three years behind bars in connection with the seizure and has since turned her back on crime.

“I’ve moved on so much, I hate bringing it up.”

Olivia Hendrick’s relationship with mobster Anthony O’Leary didn’t work out too well for her either.


Olivia Hendrick

O’Leary is a convicted heroin dealer with links to since-deceased UK-based trafficker Seanie Comerford and Ballyfermot criminal Michael ‘Budner’ Byrne.

Hendrick allowed O’Leary to use her home at Wetbourne Green in Clondlakin, Dublin, to store almost €1m worth of heroin back in 2007.

She received a seven-year sentence with two years suspended in 2009 for the haul.

O’Leary was himself jailed over the drugs operation and is serving a 20-year sentence.

After Hendrick was released from prison she started claiming O’Leary’s benefits while he was still inside.

She was caught and sentenced to 10 months for the offence.

During the court hearing, Hendrick’s solicitor said she had come under the influence of a “bullying partner” who was a “strong personality”.

She has more than 25 convictions for a variety of other offences including trying to bring drugs into prison.

Michelle Bambrick’s relationship with James O’Reilly was another one that proved bad for her freedom.

Dee Moran and Michelle Bambrick

The Dublin mother of four received a six-year sentence, with three suspended, after gardai found €300,000 worth of drugs in a secret panel in her bedroom press.

Her partner had been arrested for another offence the previous week and told Bambrick someone would come to collect the drugs.

She had already distributed a small amount of the drugs to one person and was waiting on another to collect the rest when gardai raided her home in Lucan, Co. Dublin.

O’Reilly received a 10-year sentence over the drugs and possession of a firearm.

Bambrick told gardai she didn’t think her partner had been “that far” into the drugs trade.

Ciara Killeen is another gangster’s moll - who like her partner, Limerick gangster John Dundon - has found herself in the dock.


Killeen, whose brother Nathan is serving life for the murder of innocent barman Roy Collins, is not averse to getting her hands dirty.

Last November she pleaded guilty to assaulting another woman in a nightclub that left the victim needing 23 stitches to her face.

She admitted assault causing harm to Mary McCarthy at Queens nightclub, Abbey Street, Ennis, Co. Clare, on November 1 2015.

She also received a suspended sentence for an attack on Alice Collins’ jeep in 2010. Collins is the mother of April Collins who would go on to give evidence that helped lock up the Dundon gang.

Donna Maguire would never consider herself as a gangster’s moll. The Newry woman was a former convent girl who went on to join the IRA and at one stage was described as the most dangerous woman in Europe.

Donna Maguire

Along with her husband, Leonard ‘Bap’ Hardy, she was involved in several high-profile IRA incidents in Europe.

She was sentenced to nine years in Germany in 1995 for attempted murder and explosive offences.

She was dubbed the Angel of Death by newspapers during her time in the organisation.

However, since the peace process, gardai and custom officers believe the pair are among the biggest players in the black market cigarette trade in Ireland.

They were arrested in Lanzarote in December 2014 as part of a co-ordinated operation across Spain.

Police alleged they were part of an organisation involved in smuggling tobacco and alcohol which laundered money through the acquisition of an estimated €10.5m worth of property.

The pair were later released on bail and the case remains open.