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Gangster's ex-wife 'never knew' about his activities

Gangster's ex-wife 'never knew' about his activities

The ex-wife of a Dublin crime boss has said the city's gangs would "pat you on the back and shoot you in the face".

The woman, named as Anne, said she was in an abusive relationship with one of the capital's most prominent criminals.

But Anne told RTÉ's 'Liveline' that she was unaware of her ex-husband's activities for years when they were together in the 1970s.

"I was married for 13 years and it wasn't until six or seven years into the marriage that I got to know," she said.

Anne said the man - whose identity was not revealed - regularly beat her throughout their relationship. She added that he would also assault anyone who tried to help her.

While married, Anne said she never saw anything that resembled a glamorous criminal lifestyle.

"He never gave us anything. I thank God for it, because I can actually go to bed with a clear conscience saying I never got any money from him," she said.

She later learned that her husband was involved in a major drug smuggling operation in Morocco, as well as a spate of gangland violence.

Anne's twin daughters live with her ex-husband's family, while her son died of a drug overdose 10 years ago. She now lives in England.

Anne also claimed gardaí were not equipped to deal with the gang war that hit the front pages last Friday.

"People say there are no guns in Ireland and we shouldn't arm the police," she said. "Are they asleep or what?"


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