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Gangster’s moll loses full-time armed guard as she keeps giving cops the slip

April Collins
April Collins

GANGSTER’s moll turned State witness April Collins no longer has full-time armed Garda protection stationed outside her Limerick home.

A decision was made to withdraw the armed officers after she deliberately gave them the slip several times, according to sources.

The unmarked Garda car with armed officers has been a feature on Hyde Road, where the ex-girlfriend of Ger Dundon lives, for the last few years.

She was a key witness in the murder case against John Dundon, who was convicted of the murder of innocent rugby player Shane Geoghegan.

“Basically she was suiting herself, heading off without telling anyone and then calling them up when she felt she wanted them there again,” a source told the Sunday World.

Sources said she had been seen exiting the back of her property over a garden wall without informing officers.

April Collins and Ger Dundon

Although the static protection has been withdrawn, a ‘floating’ car with armed officers will stay in the area where she lives, said Sunday World sources.

April, who has three children with Ger Dundon, also gave evidence in court saying she had been threatened by John and Wayne Dundon when Ger was in prison.

Collins also has a daughter with convicted sex attacker Thomas O’Neill, who is serving a three-and-a-half year sentence over a violent robbery.

In 2013 she helped bring down the notorious Dundon gang when she became a State witness in the Shane Geoghegan murder trial.

The dad-of-one was killed after being shot in a case of mistaken identity as he returned home in November 2008.

Ger Dundon’s brother John had put out a hit on a man named John ‘Pitchfork’ McNamara, but hired killer Barry Doyle shot the wrong man.

It was her evidence against the Dundon gang boss that resulted in a guilty verdict at the murder trial and Dundon getting a life sentence.

She also gave evidence against Wayne when he was convicted of the murder of businessman Roy Collins.

April gave evidence against John Dundon

The relationship with her ex-partner and his brothers soured when Ger was in jail in 2010.

Her father, ‘Fat’ Jimmy Collins, had also fallen out with the Dundons as the gang began to fall apart, while her brother Gareth was being blamed for a fire a Wayne Dundon’s house in Hyde Road in 2010.

When she stopped bringing the children to visit their father in jail, she said that she was threatened by Wayne and John.

In evidence, she told how Wayne Dundon was “very angry” when he called to her home in March, 2011.

She said that Dundon told her: “If anything happens to my brother over you, I will kill you over it.”

At the same time, she had started a relationship with O’Neill, with whom she has since had a child.

Three of the Dundon brothers Wayne, John and Dessie are serving life for murder with April’s ex Ger the only one of the four gangster brothers a free man.

The Dundons had forged a terrifying reputation for threatening and intimidating witnesses and backed up verbal threats with bullets on more than one occasion.