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Gang with links to Kinahan mob 'using popular bus route to Dublin to move drugs'

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A drugs gang with links to the Kinahan cartel is reportedly using a popular Bus Eireann route to ferry narcotics around Ireland.

Passengers on the Dublin to Wexford route have told the Star they have seen drug deals going down on stops along the service.

Commuters are also reported to have said that clients can be seen waiting at certain stops as they hand over cash to the travelling dealers in exchange for drugs.

A source told the Irish Daily Star that gardai have branded the N11/M11 the "crime highway", such is the level of criminality happening along the road which the bus travels on.

Gangsters reportedly use the route to transport hordes of guns and drugs in their own vehicles, while other well-known criminals use the route to reach their Wexford hideouts.

It is understood that the gang using the Bus Eireann route as a drug-shipping service has links to Kinahan cartel kingpin Christy Kinahan.

"It appears he is using the bus to keep his dealers supplied," a source told the Star.

"It's a way of getting past garda checkpoints that are a regular occurrence on the road.

"This guy is smart, he is taking advantage of the lack of (garda) resources; it would be very difficult to stop every bus on that service and check every piece of luggage.

"This type of thing used to be an issue on the Dublin to Wexford train line.

"Mules would throw a duffle bag full of drugs out of the train window before it pulled into a station, and someone would go and get it.

"Now they throw a bag in the luggage compartment under the bus or sometimes keep it on them.

"They have lookouts at the stops to make sure they aren't being watched, if they think things have gotten too hot they won't touch the bag."

One commuter labelled the deals happening on the route as "glaringly obvious".

Fianna Fail councillor Malcolm Byrne stated that "fewer people have been approaching me about the problem" following a recent garda crackdown.

Mr Byrne did admit that the issue is "still there", however.

Bus Eireann dispute the claims, stating that the company has not had a "significant level of feedback" from either drivers or passengers.

The company has advised any of its customers that may witness such activities to contact gardai.