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Gang war feared after dole brawl

Kurt Ryan
Kurt Ryan
Owen Treacy Jnr
Owen Treacy Jnr

GARDAI fear there will be an outbreak of violence in Limerick after a member of the Keane clan was involved in a punch-up at a dole office with mobster Kurt Ryan.

Owen Treacy Jnr – a grand nephew of Christy Keane – was attacked on Tuesday outside a social welfare office in the city centre by baby-faced thug Ryan.

The pair were involved in a vicious brawl in front of shocked onlookers which spilled out on to the street.

Gun criminal Ryan has close links to a Moyross-based gang run by associates of jailed heroin dealer ‘Fat’ John McCarthy.

This same gang are believed to be behind an assassination attempt on Treacy Jnr in January. The 21-year-old was lucky to escape with his life when gunmen targeted a car he was in at Thomond Bridge. Christy Keane’s son, Joe Keane, was also in the car.

Previously, on January 2, Treacy Jnr also escaped when a gunman opened fire at him in the King’s Island area of the city.

Two days beforehand, he received slash wounds to the face and a broken nose when he was attacked in Cruises Street.

Treacy Jnr has no major criminal convictions and may have been targeted because his father gave evidence in a high-profile criminal trial.

Owen Treacy Snr was abducted with his cousin Kieran Keane in February 2003. Keane was murdered, but Treacy Snr survived and his evidence led to five members of the McCarthy-Dundon gang being jailed for life.

A source said that following the savage brawl Treacy Jnr and Ryan exchanged insults on Facebook.

“Both men went on to Facebook to claim victory, though neither man was seriously hurt. Owen Treacy posted a selfie to show his ear hadn’t been bitten off,”

Despite the demise of the Dundon brothers, gardai still fear that there could be an outbreak of violence in the city.

The Moyross-based gang – who were once aligned to the Dundon brothers – and comprises of associates of ‘Fat’ John McCarthy and criminal brothers, Eddie and Kieran Ryan, have vowed to wipe out the Keane gang.

Kurt Ryan, who is aligned to the gang, is regarded as one of the most erratic criminals operating in Limerick.

In 2011, he was jailed for two years after pleading guilty to unlawful possession of a 9mm modified semi-automatic pistol.