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Gang posing as car buying outfit stealing dozens of cars a week

Gang posing as car buying outfit stealing dozens of cars a week

A north Dublin Traveller gang are stealing cars from people who contact them via cars bought for cash adverts.

Gardai are investigating the gang who are closely linked to another group that are selling high quality forged NCT certs.

Gardai in Ballyfermot are investigating the latest incident which happened in the Citywest area of Dublin on Saturday when a woman tried to sell her VW Passat.

A source told The Herald that the woman phoned the number which featured on several websites.

"She made contact with this crowd, and after a bit of haggling a price was agreed and she was asked where her car was and when could they meet," the source said.

"Unfortunately for her, she gave her address details which was where the car was and told them she would meet them within the hour as she wasn't at home when she spoke to these people.

"By the time she got there, it turned out the criminals had been there first and her car was gone. They had loaded it on to a tow truck and simply driven off."

The car was stolen within minutes of the phone call being made by the woman.

Attempts to catch the suspects have so far been unsuccessful.

When the woman tried to make contact on various different mobile phones, there was no answer.

She then contacted gardai and lodged an official complaint.

Gardai are investigating multiple incidents of this type, but the gang involved in the scam remain "highly prolific", according to sources.