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Gang members placed on protective wings cause drug supply void

Drugs thrown into Irish prisons
Drugs thrown into Irish prisons

The drug supply inside Irish prisons is now being controlled by small time dealers as members of the Kinahan and Hutch gangs have been placed into protection.

According to today’s Mirror, members of the feuding criminal gangs controlled the drugs trade in Wheatfield and Mountjoy prison with an iron fist.

But with the gangsters now being kept on separate landings it has opened the way for small time drug dealers to set up shop without fear of reprisals.

“Members and close associates of the Kinahan and Hutch gang used to be the only ones selling drugs in the prisons,” a source told The Mirror.

“However, since going to war against each other they have asked to be placed in protection for their own safety and therefore haven’t got the chance to organise deals.

“Over the last few weeks it has become a free-for-all and low-level dealers, who would have once not dared sell for fear of the Kinahan and Hutch mobs, are dealing freely.

Wheatfield Prison

“The gang members are obviously losing out on the cash but they believe that their lives are more important.

“With the way things are going nobody is safe and those affiliated with any of the two gangs are not willing to take the chance.”

Meanwhile on Friday the homes of notorious heroin trafficker Greg Lynch and his father, Gerard 'Bra' Brady, were among five properties raided by gardai investigating the activities of the Christy Kinahan cartel.

Greg Lynch

Officers also searched an unoccupied property in the Oliver Bond flats complex that was the family home where cartel boss Daniel Kinahan was brought up.

It is understood that nothing of evidential value was found in the flat in which Kinahan (38) lived until he moved to the Costa del Sol more than a decade ago.

Sources said documents were taken from the homes of Lynch and Brady.

Brady (56) is a close friend of Kinahan's father, crimelord Christy Kinahan, who also lived in the Oliver Bond flats for years.

Brady has 18 convictions for crimes, including theft and possession of dangerous weapons. He has been a target of gardai for years.

Lynch was only 19 when he was jailed for six years in 2004 after being caught handing over €400,000 worth of heroin in the car park of the Red Cow Inn.

He is one of Ireland's biggest drug dealers and has received multiple death threats, which has forced him to live a reclusive lifestyle.

Lynch (31) survived an assassination attempt in October 2013 that left him disfigured.